Famous Swiss Media Personalities

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 1 Jacob Burckhardt

Jacob Burckhardt
Famous As: Former Historian whose best known work is The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (1860)
Birthdate: May 25, 1818
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Basel, Switzerland
Died: August 8, 1897

Swiss cultural historian and historiographer Jacob Burckhardt is best remembered for his work on the history of Italian Renaissance, Die Kultur der Renaissance in Italien. Born to a Protestant clergyman, he initially studied theology but later switched to history. He was associated with the University of Basel for most of his life.

 2 Luca Hanni

Luca Hanni
Famous As: Singer, Songwriter
Birthdate: October 8, 1994
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Bern, Switzerland

Swiss pop sensation Luca Hanni created history by becoming the youngest and the first non-German winner of the German talent show Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Though he had mastered the guitar and the piano at an early age, his first job was that of a bricklayer.

 3 Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Famous As: Writer
Birthdate: May 23, 1908
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Zurich, Switzerland
Died: November 15, 1942

A Swiss cultural icon, journalist and photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach was raised by a bisexual mother, who was an Olympic equestrian. Known for her signature androgynous style of dressing up, Annemarie was herself openly lesbian. She traveled the world, clicking major events but died in a bicycle accident at 34.

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 4 Edgar Snow

Edgar Snow
Famous As: Journalist
Birthdate: July 17, 1905
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
Died: February 15, 1972

American journalist Edgar Snow started his career with the newspaper Kansas City Star. His work took him to China, and he later penned some of the most authentic reports on Communism from a Western perspective. His 1937 report, Red Star Over China, remains one of his best-known works.

 5 Alejo Carpentier

Alejo Carpentier
Famous As: Writer, Journalist, Essayist, Musicologist, Literary critic
Birthdate: December 26, 1904
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Lausanne
Died: April 24, 1980

Swiss-born Cuban author Alejo Carpentier is regarded as one of the greatest Latin American literary personalities. The Cervantes Prize-winning writer was one of the pioneers of magic realism. Known for novels such as The Lost Steps, he also contributed to the Afro-Cuban movement and was the Cuban ambassador to France.

 6 Hazel Brugger

Hazel Brugger
Famous As: Slam poet, Comedian
Birthdate: December 9, 1993
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States

 7 Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Joanna Harcourt-Smith
Famous As: Writer
Birthdate: January 13, 1946
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: St. Moritz, Switzerland
Died: October 11, 2020
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 8 Darius Sinathrya

Darius Sinathrya
Famous As: Model
Birthdate: May 21, 1985
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Kloten, Switzerland

 9 Rodolphe Topffer

Rodolphe Topffer
Famous As: Author, Painter
Birthdate: January 31, 1799
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland
Died: June 8, 1846

Swiss cartoonist Rodolphe Topffer is remembered as the pioneer of comic strips. The son of a caricaturist, he initially taught at and ran a boarding school, where he first began drawing caricatures to attract his students’ attention. He also taught literature at the University of Geneva.

 10 René Burri

René Burri
Famous As: Photographer
Birthdate: April 9, 1933
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Zürich, Switzerland
Died: October 20, 2014

 11 Peter Bichsel

Peter Bichsel
Famous As: Journalist, Writer
Birthdate: March 24, 1935
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Lucerne, Switzerland

 12 Françoise Giroud

Françoise Giroud
Famous As: Journalist
Birthdate: September 21, 1916
Sun Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland
Died: January 19, 2003

 13 Werner Bischof

Werner Bischof
Famous As: Photographer
Birthdate: April 26, 1916
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Zürich, Switzerland
Died: May 16, 1954

 14 Johann Froben

Johann Froben
Famous As: Publisher
Birthdate: 1460 AD
Birthplace: Hammelburg, Germany
Died: October 27, 1527

 15 Joseph Victor Widmann

Joseph Victor Widmann
Famous As: Journalist
Birthdate: February 20, 1842
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Moravia, Czechia
Died: November 6, 1911

 16 Joachim Vadianus

Joachim Vadianus
Famous As: Humanist
Birthdate: November 29, 1484
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Died: April 6, 1551

 17 Salomon Gessner

Salomon Gessner
Famous As: Painter
Birthdate: April 1, 1730
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Zürich, Switzerland
Died: March 2, 1788

Born to a publisher and bookseller, Salomon Gessner initially focused on landscape painting and etching and later devoted himself to poetry and pastoral prose. He co-founded the Helvetic Society and also served as a town councillor. Idyllen and Der Tod Abels remain his most significant written works.

 18 Johann Jakob Bodmer

Johann Jakob Bodmer
Famous As: Author
Birthdate: July 19, 1698
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Greifensee, Switzerland
Died: January 2, 1783

 19 Heinrich Federer

Heinrich Federer
Famous As: Writer
Birthdate: October 6, 1866
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Brienz, Switzerland
Died: April 29, 1928

Initially a priest, Heinrich Federer decided to switch to journalism when his church career came to halt due to his asthma attacks. He later took to writing on religious themes. Saint Francis of Assisi and Mountains and Men remain two of his most notable works.

 20 Willy Bretscher

Willy Bretscher
Famous As: Editor
Birthdate: October 26, 1897
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Winterthur, Switzerland
Died: January 12, 1992