Charles XII of SwedenCharles XII of Sweden

Gustavus Adolphus of SwedenGustavus Adolphus of Sweden

Charles XI of SwedenCharles XI of Sweden

24 November 1655

Oscar II of SwedenOscar II of Sweden

21 January 1829

Gustav III of SwedenGustav III of Sweden

24 January 1746

Sigismund III VasaSigismund III Vasa

20 June 1566

Oscar I of SwedenOscar I of Sweden

04 July 1799

Gustav I of SwedenGustav I of Sweden

12 May 1496

Charles XIII of SwedenCharles XIII of Sweden

07 October 1748

Gustaf V of SwedenGustaf V of Sweden

16 June 1858

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Gustav IV Adolf of SwedenGustav IV Adolf of Sweden

01 November 1778

Charles IX of SwedenCharles IX of Sweden

04 October 1550

Charles X Gustav of SwedenCharles X Gustav of Sweden

08 November 1622

Charles XV of SwedenCharles XV of Sweden

03 May 1826

Eric XIV of SwedenEric XIV of Sweden

13 December 1533

John III of SwedenJohn III of Sweden

20 December 1537

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Charles VIII of SwedenCharles VIII of Sweden

05 October 1409

Adolf Frederick of SwedenAdolf Frederick of Sweden

14 May 1710