A Scientologist is an adherent of the doctrines and beliefs of Scientology, and Hollywood is full of them! Actor Tom Cruise, one of the most passionate adherents to this school of religious beliefs, is an outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology and its associated social programs. So much is his passion for Scientology that it is said to have led to the end of his marriage to Katie Holmes! Being a recently developed body of religious beliefs, Scientology has also attracted its share of criticisms. But nothing can dampen the spirits of its faithful followers like the young actresses Elisabeth Singleton Moss who was raised a Scientologist by her musician parents. Despite the fervor shown by the ardent adherents, many prominent personalities like Diana Canova, John Duignan, and Paul Haggis who once followed Scientology later left the faith citing various reasons. Read on for more information about famous Scientologists.
John TravoltaJohn Travolta
18 February 1954, American
Priscilla PresleyPriscilla Presley
24 May 1945, American
Film actress

Laura PreponLaura Prepon
07 March 1980, American

Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman
10 November 1960, British

Antonino Giovanni Ribisi Giovanni Ribisi
17 December 1974, American

David MiscavigeDavid Miscavige
30 April 1960, American
Leader of the Church of Scientology
William S. BurroughsWilliam S. Burroughs
05 February 1914, American
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Karen BlackKaren Black
01 July 1939, American

Greta Van SusterenGreta Van Susteren
11 June 1954, American
News Anchor
Nicky HopkinsNicky Hopkins
24 February 1944, British
Pianist & Organist

Michele MiscavigeMichele Miscavige
18 January 1961, American
Wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige
Chick CoreaChick Corea
12 June 1941, American
Pianist, Composer, Jazz musician

Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
25 October 1957, American

Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes
20 August 1942, American

Edgar WinterEdgar Winter
28 December 1946, American
Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Keyboardist, Record

Paul HaggisPaul Haggis
10 March 1953, Canadian
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director
Jason DohringJason Dohring
30 March 1982, American

Billy SheehanBilly Sheehan
19 March 1953, American
Bassist, Musician, Classical guitarist

Robert HunterRobert Hunter
23 June 1941, American

Jim MeskimenJim Meskimen
10 September 1959, American
Stand-up comedian, Actor, Film director, Film
Eduardo PalomoEduardo Palomo
13 May 1962, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Film actor

Ruddy RodríguezRuddy Rodríguez
20 March 1967, Venezuelan
Actor, Entrepreneur, Film producer, Model, Beauty