TheFamousPeople Society For Recognition Of Famous People > en-us Alexei Rykov Alexei Rykov was a Russian ‘Bolshevik’ revolutionary and a Soviet Union politician. He played a significant role during the Russian Revolution and served as the premier of Russia and the Soviet Union. He emerged as a major opponent of Joseph Stal[...] // Walther von Brauchitsch Walther von Brauchitsch was a German field marshal and army commander-in-chief during the early years of World War II (WWII). Born into a Prussian family of military officers, he joined a military academy after finishing school. Starting his military[...] // Anaximander Anaximander was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, also known as the first person to have developed the idea of cosmology. Though most of Anaximander's works are either lost or have not been preserved, his theories regarding the systematic philosophic[...] // Brendan Saint Brendan, who is also known by other names such as Brendan the Voyager or Brendan the Navigator, was an Irish Celtic saint. He is also known as one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and is reputed for his legendary quest to the ‘Isle of the Bl[...] // Rick Rude Rick Rude was a well-known professional wrestler, who performed in several wrestling promotions, such as World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation. Well-known for his bold persona, he is considered by[...] // William McMahon Sir William McMahon was an Australian politician who became the 20th Prime Minister of Australia; he served as Prime Minister from March 1971 to December 1972. Being a member of parliament for over 21 years, he became the longest serving minister in [...] // Jeffrey Sachs Famous all over the world, esteemed economics professor Jeffrey Sachs has always shown signs of genius; he became a tenured Harvard University professor at the young age of 28. Also a senior UN advisor, a bestselling author, and a columnist, he has b[...] // Joanna Pettet Joanna Pettet is an English former actor. She was born in London but moved to Canada along with her mother and later migrated to the United States of America to pursue a career as an artist. In 1990, she retired from acting. She began her professiona[...] // Siad Barre Siad Barre was a Somali policeman, military leader, and politician, who served as the president of the Somali Democratic Republic from 1969 to 1991. He lost his parents as a child and grew up as an orphan in the Italian Somaliland. He initially serve[...] // David Farragut David Farragut was one of the longest-serving U.S. naval officers. He served as the first rear admiral, vice admiral, and admiral of the ‘United States Navy.’ He is best remembered for his services to the ‘Union’ and his victory at the Battle[...] //