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Saudi-born Syrian–Canadian social media star Saif Shawaf shot to fame with his YouTube channel. One of his best-known videos is his music video Chicken Wing. He is equally popular on Instagram, where he posts glimpses of his life an[...] // Asala Maleh

Asala Maleh is a Kuwaiti-Canadian YouTuber and Instagram star who shot to fame with her family channel, Anazala Family, and her personal channel, Asala Maleh I. Her content ranges from beauty, lifestyle, and makeup vlogs to prank[...] // SolidarityGaming

American YouTuber and gamer James Brinson, better known online as SolidarityGaming, shot to fame with his Minecraft gameplays, streams, and minigames. He also posts content on games such as Roblox, AngelDust, Rocket League, and Towel Required. Whi[...] // Tanner Beeston

American YouTuber Tanner Beeston shot to fame with his appearances on his wife Lauren’s YouTube channel, The Beeston Bunch. Tanner is mostly known for his vlogs, challenges, and Q&A clips. The father of two also co-owns a film company an[...] // Nolan Hansen

American YouTuber and gamer Nolan Hansen is best known for his appearances in the extreme challenges YouTube channel Mr. Beast. Starting his career as a minor member of the Mr. Beast gang, he later became their 5th major member. He later launched [...] // Nate Ortega

American TikTok sensation Nate Ortega shot to fame with his viral dance trends, comedy skits, and collaborative clips on his popular TikTok account, n8ortega. Over the years, he has gained a huge fan base on TikTok. Many of his short videos have b[...] // Annaoop

Annaoop is an American YouTuber who shot to fame with her multiple YouTube channels, but has not revealed her true identity yet. Starting with the mystery and true crime channel anna solves, she later launched several channels, i[...] // GeminiTay

GeminiTay is a Canadian YouTuber and Minecraft content creator who shot to fame with her building and survival mode clips on her YouTube channel. She has also partnered with several brands, over the years. She is quite popular on TikTok a[...] // Faith Ordway

Faith Ordway is an American TikToker who shot to fame with her engaging dance clips on her TikTok account, faithordway7. She has also featured duets with the likes of social media sensation Charli D'Amelio. She is hugely popular on In[...] // Mila Marwah

Saudi-origin Canadian YouTube star Mila Marwah has been a social media star right from her birth. The first-born child and the only daughter of her YouTuber parents, Asala and Anas, Mila has been featured in most of the vlogs of [...] //