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Birthday: April 20, 2006 (Taurus)

Born In: United States

American YouTuber Veshremy is best known for his reaction and roast videos on other social media celebrities. He has also created clips on celebrity lookalikes. Veshremy’s sarcasm-laced content has dragged him into many controversies. He has feuded with multiple internet stars, such as Topper Guild and Dominic Schmidt, with some such stars hitting back with offensive videos on him. He is also known for his signature style of covering his face in his videos.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Vel Shremy

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Early Life

Veshremy, also known as Vesh, is from the US. However, he has been quite secretive about his early life and not much is known about his education or childhood. He is also nicknamed Vel Shremy. In August 2019, long before he shot to fame on social media, he launched his main YouTube account.

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Social Media Career

Veshremy shot to global fame with his engaging content on YouTube. Best known to fans for his satirical comedy clips, he mostly creates funny videos, roasting other social media stars. Some of the topics of his content include wastage of food and fake pranks. He has a second YouTube channel titled Veshremy Stories, which he launched in January 2015. Though it was launched before his main account, he later made it his secondary account.

Over the years, he has spoken about YouTubers such as Spizee. He has also had a public feud with Keith Sirens, after Keith made a hate video targeting him.

Veshremy has also feuded with popular TikTok sensation Topper Guild. In fact, the video in which he reacted to Topper Guild’s weird prank video where he pretended to be a mannequin, has been one of Veshremy’s most popular videos.

He has also been in a controversy involving YouTuber Dominic Schmidt. Apparently, Dominic created offensive content on Veshremy.

Veshremy has also made videos on lookalikes of celebrities, such as Drake and Cardi B. Some of his most-loved videos on YouTube are She's So Desperate For Views.., Tiktok Lives Were A Mistake, and Wannabe Kid Prankster Pulls Fire Alarm As A Prank. He is also known for covering his face in his videos.

He is equally popular on Instagram, where he has 2 accounts. He also often posts his prank teasers on his TikTok channel.
Family Life

Not much is known about Veshremy’s love life or relationships. Veshremy seems to be quite tight-lipped about his family too, which is quite unusual for a social media star.

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