Sterling Myers Bio

(American TikToker)

Birthday: December 12, 2000 (Sagittarius)

Born In: California, United States

Age: 23 Years

Sterling Myers is a transition video creator known for her vlogs and videos featuring female aesthetic content, as well as numerous collaborations. With over 1.3 million followers on her sterlingmonett account, Myers began sharing pictures on her Instagram profile in 2015. Noteworthy collaborations include working with personalities like Jaden Hossler, Cynthia Parker, and Drayke during VidCon 2019. Alongside her creative pursuits, Myers is part of a close-knit family, including her sister Krickit Leila-skye Myers, and parents Julie and Milo Myers. In one of her TikTok videos, Myers showcased her acting skills by portraying Eleven from "Stranger Things" in a video titled "Where's my mike?" She has also tagged Keith Pichardo in this video and others, showcasing her collaborative spirit and engagement with her audience.


Known for her engaging content and collaborations, Sterling Myers has built a strong presence in the online community as a transition video creator. With a keen eye for female aesthetic content and a talent for creating vlogs, Myers has garnered a dedicated following of over 1.3 million fans on her sterlingmonett account. Beyond her creative endeavors, Myers values her family, which includes her sister Krickit Leila-skye Myers, and parents Julie and Milo Myers. 

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