Simmi Singh Bio

(American YouTube Vlogger)

Birthday: May 25, 1989 (Gemini)

Born In: Florida, United States

Simmi Singh is a popular American 'YouTube' star, martial artist, and actor. She has gained immense fame for her comedy skits and other entertaining videos that she posts on her self-titled 'YouTube' channel. Simmi has garnered an impressive count of viewers online, as she delivers a diverse range of content, including stories, sketches, pranks, and at times, beauty-related content. Before Simmi stepped into vlogging, she had a diverse range of professions. She soon realized that acting was her true calling and followed her passion. Simmi has already bagged a number of interesting acting projects.
Quick Facts

Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Females

U.S. State: Florida

Before Fame
Simmi started her professional life as a server at her family restaurant. She also worked as a cashier for a while. She has had a brief experience in the fashion industry, too. Simmi was hired as a sales associate by the clothing line 'American Eagle.' She has worked as an assistant manager for ‘V/SUAL.’ She later worked as an assistant stylist with one of her friends who was a fashion designer and owned a store. Simmi has also worked as a pharmacy technician at 'CVS Pharmacy.' Simmi hated that job to the core. Soon, she realized that she was not made for an office job. She expressed her desire to be an actor and received full support from her parents. She then began her stint with 'YouTube.'
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Social Media Fame
Simmi's 'YouTube' career started when she posted a video on her 'Facebook' page. The video was meant to be watched only by her friends, and she enjoyed working on it. This made Simmi venture into full-time vlogging.
Simmi soon created a channel on 'YouTube,' which she initially named ‘Simszter,’ which was also her online pseudonym. Since she wanted to be an actor, Simmi decided to make comedy sketches that had a lot of scope for acting. Highly inspired by the 'YouTube' superstar Lilly Singh, Simmi began following in her footsteps. 'WHEN YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A TWIN!! (But you are not),' 'WHEN YOU ARE ALWAYS THE 3RD WHEEL,' and 'HIGH SCHOOL w/ MY INDIAN MOM' are some of her comedy sketches that have garnered her accolades. She is famous for her ‘BROWN MOM’ series. She documented the wedding of her sister and posted the entire event as vlogs in parts. One of those vlogs had her displaying her dance skills. The channel now has more than 646 thousand subscribers. Simmi has registered her presence on 'Instagram' and 'Twitter,' too, where she has more than 326 thousand and around 89 thousand followers, respectively.
Simmi also did a few TV miniseries, such as 'Just Another Nice Guy,' in 2017, where she portrayed the character of ‘Sophie.’ She also appeared in the short film 'You're Sexist.' One of her noteworthy upcoming projects is the comedy 'Wally Got Wasted.' Simmi’s future plans include launching her own merchandize line.
Personal Life
Simmi Singh was born on May 25, 1989, in Florida, US. She belongs to a traditional Sikh family, which has its roots in Phagwara, Punjab, India. Simmi has two younger brothers and an elder sister who is married.
Simmi’s father is her source of inspiration. Her father sets a perfect example of a self-made man. Her father’s journey from rags to riches has enriched her with great values. Her father owns a North Indian restaurant named 'Amrit Palace' in Ocala, Florida. When Simmi was 6, she and her family had to move to Orlando, due to personal issues. Soon after they shifted, Simmi’s parents became increasingly worried about their two daughters, who they thought were drifting away from their roots. They wanted their children to be aware of their culture and language. This made them send the girls to their ancestral home in Punjab, India. However, Simmi, who was a toddler then, had no idea about this. She was told that it was a vacation. Simmi, along with her sister, lived in India for the next four years. She went back to the US, enriched with Sikh values and well-versed in her local language. Simmi can now speak Punjabi fluently and is proud of her roots. She returned to the US around the time when the 9/11 incident took place. Following the unfortunate event, Simmi and her family went through a terrible phase. Simmi was often subjected to racism, which was then a common issue that the Sikhs residing in the US faced.
Simmi attended the 'University of Florida,' where she initially studied business. She later decided to major in health, only because her sister was doing the same. Her parents, too, were happy with her choice. However, she never quite liked that the course.
Simmi has always been part of a typical Indian joint family. Her grandfather is her biggest supporter and calls her "Simba." Simmi was so accustomed to being surrounded by her loved ones that when she moved to California to come out of her comfort zone, she had to struggle a lot to adapt.
Rumors claimed that she was in a relationship with the popular "YouTuber" Yousef Erakat, better known as “FouseyTUBE.” However, Simmi is just his manager and not his girlfriend. He had initially hired her to help him with making videos. Over time, their relationship grew, and she is one of his closest friends now.
Simmi, like a true Indian girl, is a huge Bollywood fan. 'Sholay' is one of her favorite movies. She admires Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. 'The Lion King' is her all-time favorite animation movie. Simmi has a huge crush on Hollywood star Zac Efron since the release of 'High School Musical.'

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