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Sam Denby is an American educator and “YouTuber,” best known for his ‘YouTube’ channel 'Wendover Productions.’ Check out this biography to know about his family, personal life, birthday, etc.

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Birthday: March 17, 1997

Nationality: American

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Pisces

Famous as: Youtuber

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YouTubers #190
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Sam Denby is an American educator and "YouTuber." He is known for his brainchild, 'Wendover Productions,' under which he creates educational videos on various subjects. However, his videos are not based on any particular curriculum. He researches and analyzes many unusual facts across the globe and presents his findings in the form of videos. His videos include subjects such as travel, defense, transport, economics, marketing, space, geography, and many other intriguing topics. Sam publishes all his videos on the 'YouTube' channel dedicated to 'Wendover Productions.' He gained popularity after he made a series of videos about some facts regarding US flights. In addition to his primary channel, Sam owns two more 'YouTube' channels. One of them features summaries of various unusual topics chosen from 'Wikipedia: Unusual' articles. The other is Sam's personal channel, 'Sam from Wendover,' which was primarily set up to share some "behind the scenes and other stuff" from his podcast. Sam runs a podcast with his "YouTuber" friend Brian McManas. He is currently pursuing higher studies from the 'University of Edinburgh.'

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Childhood & Early Life
  • Sam Denby was born on March 17, 1997, in the United States. Not much is known about his parents or their professions. Similarly, he has never spoken about his other family members and his early years.
  • Sam currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He studies international business at the 'University of Edinburgh.' Along with his fellow undergraduate Hollie Gallen and postgraduates Radu Marian, Jessica Xie, and Zhang Kai, Sam collaborated with five winners of a 'Virgin Trains' social-media competition to participate in a series of onboard workshops under the mentorship of renowned entrepreneurs Jamal Edwards, Levi Roots, and Maria Hatzistefanis.
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  • Sam conceived the idea of 'Wendover Productions' a few years before he turned it into a 'YouTube' channel. What started as a mere hobby later became a passion, and he decided to share his idea with viewers. Hence, Sam set up the 'YouTube' channel for 'Wendover Productions' on February 11, 2010. However, the first video was uploaded on August 31, 2015. Titled 'How Marketers Manipulate Us: Psychological Manipulation in Advertising,' the video was about the role of advertising in manipulating customers’ psychology for accelerating businesses.
  • The video titled 'How to Create a Country' was the one of the first videos on the channel to cross a million “views.” It has been viewed by more than two million people to date. With over six million "views," the video, 'The Economics of Airline Class' tops the list of the most-viewed videos on the channel.
  • Some of the videos on the channel that have earned "views" in millions are 'Space Law-What Laws are There in Space?,' 'TWL #7: This Number is Illegal,' 'How Budget Airlines Work,' 'Why Flying is So Expensive,' 'The Plane Highway in the Sky,' and 'Every State in the US.' The primary channel of 'Wendover Productions’ has earned more than a million 'YouTube' subscribers to date.
  • On August 26, 2017, Sam launched his second channel, 'Half as Interesting.' Like the primary channel, this channel, too, hosts educational videos on various subjects. However, the second channel deals with lighter topics and does not create hard-core subject-related informative videos.
  • The video titled 'Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal' has earned over eight million "views," the highest on the channel. Sam’s second 'YouTube' channel has attracted over 947 thousand subscribers to date. The channel is a revised version of the series 'That Wikipedia List' (also known as TWL). The series consists of interesting topics chosen from 'Wikipedia: Unusual' articles.
  • Sam also owns a podcast titled 'Showmakers,' which he created in collaboration of Brian McManas, the creator of the 'YouTube' channel 'Real Engineering.’ Since its launch in April 2017, the podcast has been featuring successful online creators. It has released 15 episodes as of February 2019.
  • On March 26, 2018, Sam launched his first non-educational 'YouTube' channel, 'Sam from Wendover.’ The channel has hosted only three videos to date, of which one is in collaboration with "YouTuber" Mike Boyd. Prior to the launch of this channel, Sam had never attended any media event. Thus, nobody knew how he looked. He came in front of the camera for the first time when he was featured on the talk show 'StarTalk.' On the show, Sam and American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator Neil Tyson discussed the idea of interstellar travel. One of the three videos on this channel, titled 'Moderately Successful Face Reveal,' is actually a false video about his face-reveal. The third video on the channel is titled 'A Traveling to the US Most Isolated Territory.'
  • With over 355 thousand "views," 'Sam from Wendover' has managed to garner more than 41 thousand subscribers.
  • Sam’s videos have been featured by various publications, such as 'Forbes' and 'The Telegraph.' In 2017, he posted an article about the hazards of airplanes on the environment on 'The Washington Post'.
Family & Personal Life
  • Sam is still in the developing stages of his career. He is also currently completing his studies. Media sources have not yet captured anything about Sam's personal life.

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