Robby Novak Biography


Birthday: January 26, 2004 (Aquarius)

Born In: Henderson, Tennessee, United States

Robby Novak is popularly known as the Kid President for his portrayal on television and internet. He is a high achiever at a very young age. He seems to have got the attention of worldwide audience at such a young age and has a fan following of individuals of every age. Robby started off at the young age of eight and continues to entertain his typical style. Apart from entertaining people, Robby is also associated with several initiatives that work towards making a difference in the lives of people. Using his popularity, he has initiated several drives helping the homeless, sick, hungry and several others. He is a true inspiration and his love, warmth and ingenious is making lot of difference. Robby believes that it’s the small things that make a difference and we can influence others to make a difference too. It all comes from within us and not from materialistic possessions or titles or power. He believes he can change the world and so can we.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Kid President

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Males


siblings: Alexia Novak

Born Country: United States

Actors American Men

Diseases & Disabilities: Osteogenesis Imperfecta

U.S. State: Tennessee

The Rise to fame
Robby Novak started starring in the role of Kid President at the age eight. The role was inspired in order to set up a mutual base for adults and children to create ideas in order to make a difference. The role was created by Robby’s older brother-in-law, Brad, who is a writer and director. The first video was created as a promotional stuff for Freed-Hardeman University in July of 2012. However, it gained quick popularity when actor Rainn Wilson promoted the video on his website. This led to creation of the role of Kid President.
Robby’s ability to voice his opinion, ideas and thoughts has made an impact in the lives of several people. He involves a lot of humor and his use of simple context enables his videos to capture the attention of his audience. Brad has also contributed towards the character’s popularity as the videos are made based on his creativeness.
Robby’s popularity continues to rise on YouTube and he has also starred in the television series, ‘Kid President: Declaration of Awesome’. These both have been created by ‘SoulPancake’, a media company owned by Rainn Wilson.
As a result of his popularity, Robby was invited to the White House and has met several celebrities and authors and has also made an appearance on ESPN.
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What Makes Robby Special
At such a small age, Robby has been able to grab the attention of individuals all over and inspires them to make a difference. He shows us that even a small child, with a big heart can make a difference, inspiring others to do the same as well.
Robby may be growing older, but his ideas get bigger as well. He has been able to inspire people to start drives in order to change the world and make a difference.
He believes that love changes everything and we must fill the world with it. After all, love can help in healing and bringing in joy. It is his way of making a difference and inspiring others that make him special.
Behind the Curtains
Robby was born on January 20, 2004 in Henderson, Tennessee, US. He has been raised by his adoptive parents Laurie and David Novak. Robby also has a sister, Alexia. Robby leads the life of a normal kid and doesn’t let his fame affect it.
He is a confident, brave, smart and funny young man who wants to make a change in this world with love and kindness. Robby suffers from osteogenesis imperfect, which is a rare health condition which doesn’t allow the normal development of bones, making him prone to bone injuries.
He has also been a victim of bullying but this doesn’t seem to have affected his spirit and eagerness to make a change in the world.
Robby is indeed a great role model to people of all ages all over the world. He is a little boy, with tons of spirit and love and his kindness has no bounds. He is a true inspiration in today’s world and will be in the future too.

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