Preppyclaws Bio

(TikTok Star Who Dances in a Full Body Skeleton Suit)

Birthday: December 24, 2005 (Capricorn)

Born In: Canada

Canadian TikTok sensation Maya, better known online as Preppyclaws, soared to global stardom with her unique dance clips on TikTok. She initially posted quirky dance clips, featuring herself jiving to tracks, wearing a weird skeleton body suit. She later posted a face reveal. Preppyclaws is now popular on YouTube and Instagram too.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In December

Also Known As: Maya

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Females

Born Country: Canada

Early Life

Canadian-born TikTok sensation Preppyclaws was originally named Maya. Though her last name is not known, she once revealed in a TikTok clip that her last name began with “E.”

She has also claimed in a Q&A that she is multiracial. In December 2021, long before she became an internet star, she stepped into TikTok. She went viral the following month.

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Social Media Career

Preppyclaws gained overnight global popularity with her entertaining content on her TikTok account. Her first TikTok clip to amass more than 30 million views was posted in December 2021. The video showed her jiving to a tune, donning a cowboy hat.

While a lot of TikTokers have become stars, Preppyclaws is known for her unique style, as she sports a gray-and-white full-body skeleton suit while dancing for her videos. She adds zing to her outfit with a pink cowboy hat and a tiara.

The weird outfit has earned her the nickname Skelly. Some sources say that her online pseudonym, Preppyclaws, comes from the color of her hat and the long claws of her skeleton costume. She also calls herself Ms. Claws. In a December 2021 clip, she was seen dancing to the track Water Under the Bridge by Adele.

Preppyclaws launched her YouTube channel in December 2021 but began posting on it much later. She now posts hauls, dances, GRWM clips and more on it. She is also on Instagram.

In an interview, she mentioned that she wished to inspire people to “get out of the comfort zone.” In June 2022, Preppyclaws posted a face reveal video on her account.


In January 2022, social media star Elliana Walmsley posted a video, claiming she was Preppyclaws. However, Elliana later mentioned she was just kidding and that she and Preppyclaws were friends. This was long before Preppyclaws had posted her face reveal. In fact, this is when her fans got to know that Preppyclaws was a girl, as Elliana referred to her as “she.”

Family Life

In her leisure, Preppyclaws loves cooking, experimenting with different cuisines, dancing, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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