PatD Lucky Bio

(American Comedian, Social Media Influencer, and Aspiring Actor)

Birthday: March 17, 1991 (Pisces)

Born In: Florida, United States

PatD Lucky is an American social media star, comedian and aspiring actor who is known for playing several humorous characters inspired by people close to him. He regularly shares short comic videos on various social media platforms and has earned 2.3m followers on Instagram, 3.5m fans on TikTok, 1.7m followers on Facebook and 531K subscribers on YouTube. He has also uploaded many popular series with multiple episodes, such as “A Lucky Family Dinner” and “Growing up with siblings”, which he marketed as a reality show. He was interviewed by Kevin Cuenca on “Cruisin' With Kevin” on August 11, 2020 and by his friend and social media star Cornell Ross on “Free Game” on September 20, 2021.

Quick Facts

Age: 33 Years, 33 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Florida

Rise to Stardom

PatD Lucky always had comic talent and was voted the class clown in his senior year in school. He started making videos when he was attending EMT school after high school graduation. At that time, he randomly recorded videos on his iPad in his free time while juggling various jobs. He had started his social media journey on Twitter back in 2011, but began posting videos on Instagram in August 2013. He subsequently became active on Vine and became very popular on the platform.

PatD Lucky joined YouTube in 2013, but uploaded his first video on his channel in 2015. He became well known on social media for his short sketch comedy videos in which he portrayed different situations with various characters, all played by him. He became friends with others like Cornell and Matt who were also creating funny content for social media, and they decided to move to Los Angeles together. He had reached out to two companies, including Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network, but when neither worked out, he started “hustling” on his own.

He surpassed one million followers on Instagram in December 2016, and the following year, he crossed 50k subscribers on YouTube. By the time social media became popular during the coronavirus pandemic, he had already amassed over 4 million fans across various platforms including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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Acting Aspirations

PatD Lucky is a passionate actor who likes to play different characters in his videos, including Lucky, KO, Bestfriend, Ms. Lucky, P and Grandma Lucky, and often uses certain props like wigs to define the characters. Most of the characters he plays are based on real people, usually his friends and family members. He is massively inspired by stars like Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp, and dreams of becoming an actor himself. He wants to someday set up his own movie production house, Lucky Productions, and make movies which would allow him to portray interesting characters. However, he is also open to sketch series like Key & Peele. He regrets not studying acting or even paying more attention to drama club in school.

Family & Personal Life

PatD Lucky was born on March 17, 1991, in Waldo city in Alachua County, Florida, United States. When he was in the 9th grade, he moved to Gainesville, also in Alachua County. He has four sisters and a brother on his mother’s side and two brothers on his father’s side. He and his five siblings were raised by his single mother who worked hard to provide for the family. As the youngest of six children, he was “spoiled” and became a troublemaker, so much so that he often got beaten up by his mother. At the age of seven, he met a baseball coach who later became his godfather. He is very close to his godfather and his wife, whom he also calls dad and mom, and changed his last name to that of his godfather’s when he was 18. He is a huge fan of Boosie Badazz and once, after being denied a picture with the rapper when he had come to Gainesville for a performance, he threw all his records from his collection. He is very religious and prays every night.

Education & Early Jobs

PatD Lucky managed to get decent grades despite paying little attention to his education as a child. He played baseball and football growing up and has stated that sports taught him to be more responsible. His brother often had seizures as a child and the local fireman who responded to their emergency calls inspired him to become a firefighter himself. After completing school graduation, he tried to get into EMT school to become a firefighter, but got declined three times before being accepted. Around the time, he served as a PE coach after school, worked with mentally challenged kids, and was also a manager at a Dunkin' Donuts. He next got a job as a patient transport supervisor in a hospital, which was his last job before social media success.

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