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Birthday: February 16, 1990 (Aquarius)

Born In: England

Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch, is a social media influencer. She is famous for changing the perspective of how daily chores are usually viewed across the globe. With more than 572,000 followers on Instagram, Mrs Hinch is credited with changing the lives of her followers by providing them with useful tips and tricks to simplify their daily chores. She is also credited with making others believe that household chores can be enjoyable as opposed to the stereotypical notion that they are tedious. Sophie Hinchliffe’s popularity on social media grabbed the attention of the makers of ITV’s ‘This Morning,’ who signed her to appear in the show as a regular. From being an ordinary girl next door who just loved her chores to a television personality to a potential star, Mrs Hinch’s story of success is an interesting one!
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In February

Also Known As: Sophie Hinchliffe, Sophie Barker

Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Jamie

Social Media Presence
Sophie Hinchliffe started hogging the limelight when her Instagram stories about cleaning and other household chores started going viral. Assuming a stage name, Sophie Hinchliffe set out to change people’s perception about tidying up. Her main objective was to make others realize that household chores can be fun as opposed to the prevalent belief. Sophie changed the lives of many, which made her extremely popular on the internet. In a matter of days, the number of her Instagram followers increased significantly, catapulting her to almost instant fame. At present, her Instagram page ‘mrshinchhome_x_’ has more than 572,000 followers, a number which is constantly heading northward. In fact, her Instagram account is currently the second most influential home interior account in the United Kingdom.
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The X Factor
What makes Mrs Hinch unique is her approach towards getting her hands dirty. In order to make the rather tedious work more enjoyable, Sophie Hinchliffe has come up with names and terms of her own. For example, ‘hinching’ is the new word for ‘cleaning.’ Similarly, she has given new names to all her cleaning products, which according to her is cheesy yet effective. Among them ‘minky,’ which is an anti-bacterial cleaning pad is her favorite. Some of the other products that she has named include microfiber kitchen cloths, such as microfiber spray mop and a sonic scrubber.
Interestingly, Mrs Hinch’s unique way of tidying up has inspired a large number of people from across the globe. According to Sophie, she gets a number of heartfelt messages from her fans, who thank her for changing their lives with her simple tips. Not just in the UK, but people from countries like the United States, Australia, and Ireland have reportedly claimed that they have benefitted from Sophie’s online posts. Many have even claimed that cleaning makes them happy and reduces their mental stress. Understandably, Sophie has a very large number of fans who call themselves ‘The Hinch Army.’ Her popularity has reached to such a level that the cleaning products recommended by her are flying off the shopkeepers’ shelves across the United Kingdom.
Television Appearance
Not surprisingly, her social media popularity caught the attention of the makers of ITV’s popular show, ‘This Morning.’ She was subsequently asked to appear in the show to share a few cleaning tips with the viewers. Mrs Hinch used this opportunity to show her audience how to get rid of stains and odors from bathroom. She also shared with them many other useful cleaning tips. Thereafter, she was made a regular by the makers of ‘This Morning.’ Interestingly, Mrs Hinch hadn’t revealed her identity before making an appearance in the show. When she showed up for the first time, the internet was taken by storm as people were stunned by her beauty and fitness.
Personal Life
Sophie Hinchliffe lives in Essex, southeast England, where she works as a hairdresser. She got married in 2018, at the age of 28. Her husband Jamie works as a sales manager and is very supportive of her endeavors. Though Sophie loves organizing and cleaning her home, she does it only for about 30 minutes to an hour each day. She also cleans for fun, which is her forte. Sophie is a philanthropist by heart and would like to work closely with mental health charities in the future.

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