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Monami Frost is a UK-based tattoo model, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. Check out this biography to know about her family, personal life, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 5, 1994

Nationality: Latvian

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Famous as: Instagram Star, Vlogger


Spouse/Ex-: Anrijs

children: Gabby

Popularity Index
Beauty Vloggers #36 Instagram Stars #288
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Monami Frost is a UK-based tattoo model, "YouTuber," and entrepreneur. She is known for her body modifications and tattoos that cover most of her body. She owns a 'YouTube' channel through which she shares makeup tutorials and tattoo tips. Monami uses her channel to promote raw vegan diet and body positivity. She owns a clothing line and a vegan burger restaurant in Liverpool. She has also authored a cookbook that provides vegan and gluten-free recipes. With over a million followers on 'Instagram,' Monami has emerged as one of the most successful tattooed models on the internet. Through her distinct all-tattooed look, she fights against stereotypes and other body-shaming issues that tattoo lovers face.

  • Monami had an inclination toward body modification since the age of 10. Interestingly, she had her first surgery at the age of 11. It was done to remove a lump of tissues above her right eyebrow. Prior to this, she had undergone a major appendix surgery when she was 3 years old. Monami's body had gone through a lot at a tender age. This eventually contributed to her interest in body modifications and tattoos. Back then, these trends were taboo in Europe. Thus, Monami has, to some extent, helped in changing the scenario.
  • By the time Monami stepped into her teenage years, most of her body was inked and pierced. All of her piercings are done by Monami herself. In an attempt to make tattoos and body modifications a trend in Europe, she launched a self-titled 'YouTube' channel. She created the channel on December 2, 2012, but posted the first video on December 19, 2013. The channel primarily hosts tattoo tips, Q&A videos, makeup tutorials, vegan recipes, and random family vlogs. With time, Monami gained prominence as a tattoo model, makeup artist, and beauty vlogger. She also gained popularity as a supporter of raw vegan diet. She simultaneously ventured into 'Instagram,' where her pictures have earned her over a million followers to date. Monami’s 'YouTube' channel now has more than 681 thousand subscribers. She was interviewed during the 2017 'Liverpool Tattoo Convention.'
  • Monami’s love for quirky streetwear led her to launch her online clothing line, 'Frost Streetwear.' The collection that this brand offers is highly inspired by Monami’s personal style statement. Her prime motive behind launching this clothing line was to make people look trendy and stylish even in monotone casual wear. Monami is involved in each and every aspect of 'Frost Streetwear,' be it designing, packaging, or promoting the products on social media. The collection is available on the brand’s website.
  • In September 2018, Monami teamed up with 'The Vegan Kind,' UK’s most popular subscription box for vegans, to create a customized beauty box. The company specializes in trading subscriptions for lifestyle (food) and beauty boxes. They collaborated with Monami to create a subscription box for the month of October that year.
  • Monami has also announced the launch of 'Frost Burgers,' a vegan burger shop in Liverpool. The announcement was made through an 'Instagram' post and a 'YouTube' video. However, the shop’s opening date is yet to be announced. Monami has authored a cookbook titled 'Vegan Home Cooking With Monami Frost' The book includes 100 easy and quick-to-cook plant-based recipes, without any complex vegan substitutes as ingredients. Of these 100 recipes, 72 are gluten-free recipes.
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Personal Life
  • Monami was born Irēna, on January 5, 1994, in Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. As a child, Monami would participate in a lot of singing competitions.
  • Monami became a mother at the age of 15. She has a daughter named Gabriella, who is known as “Gaby.” Monami has never mentioned anything about Gaby’s biological father.
  • Monami is now married to Anrijs Straume, a popular tattoo artist who works at a tattoo studio named 'Bold As Brass Tattoo Co.' Monami and her family now live in Liverpool. Most of her tattoos are the works of Anrijs, who is also her favorite tattoo artist. Monami met Anrijs through a common friend, when she was in London to meet her friends. At that time, Monami was still in a relationship with Gaby’s biological father. In 2018, she announced that she was pregnant with Anrijs’ child.
  • The name "Monami Frost" is inspired by the song 'Mark Frost (MonAmi)' by the Latvia-based band 'Solaris.' This was one of the tracks in the mixtape that Anrijs once gifted to Monami. She liked this particular song so much that after a little alteration, she made the song’s title her online pseudonym.
  • One of Monami’s favorite tattoos is the snowflake inked in white on her forehead. The tattoo also signifies her name, “Frost.” She loves wearing oversized men’s clothing. She is fond of adventure sports and activities. Her favorite TV show character is ‘Monica Geller’ from 'Friends.'

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