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Kristen Hancher is an American muser, dancer & social media personality. Let’s have a look into her personal & family life, boyfriend, interesting facts, age and more.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 17, 1999

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: Canada

Famous as: TikTok ( Star


siblings: Derek Hancher

Popularity Index
TikTok Stars #219 Social Media Stars #800 Instagram Stars #366
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Kristen Hancher is a popular social media star. She has over 9 million followers on (now known as TikTok). She has posted a number of videos featuring popular musical numbers. She often posts videos of her lip synching to songs. Kristen Hancher loves sports and travelling, regularly posting travelogues or photos in an outdoor setting. She is very popular on Instagram, and has a strong interest in photography. Many of her videos comment on clothing brands and fashion. She is also an artist and art lover, an avid dancer, and a fitness enthusiast.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Kristen Hancher was born and raised in Canada. She first became active on the live broadcast network YouNow. She became active on TikTok (earlier known as from 2015, and quickly rose in popularity. She has collaborated with a number of social media users. In 2015 she joined the collaborative YouTube channel called Muser Family which includes other social media stars like Loren Beech and Taylor Skeens. Her videos show her take on popular trends, dressing and hairstyles, as well as music. The videos have well thought out themes and stories, with innovative lighting and makeup. She includes interviews in some of her posts. She is an actress and many of her videos showcase her short performances. She combines her interest in acting, dance, gymnastics and music to create the content that she posts on social media.
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What Makes Kristen Hancher So Special
  • Kristen Hancher sings or lip-syncs to a wide variety of songs, and her love of music and dance gives an energy and attraction to these performances. She is very people friendly and exudes a sociable, youthful and gregarious presence. She keeps in touch with fans and viewers very actively, and even features her friends and others in her videos and vlogs. Her videos include the participation her fans and friends, and she is very interactive in her content. She has a very generous and warm social media persona, and her wide social network and fan base attest to her popularity. She is willing to experiment and flaunts a variety of styles from casual to sporty. Kristen Hancher often showcases the latest styles, and is a model with flair and confidence. Her athleticism is also evident in her musical performances.
Beyond Fame
  • Kristen Hancher has a younger brother named Derek. She is quite close to her family, and very humble and grounded. She began dating Andrew Gregory in 2016. She often changes her hairstyle and sometimes features makeup tutorials. She is also an admirer of rap music. Kristen Hancher is very fit and regularly practices a fitness regimen and workout. She is also adept at gymnastics, and a regular soccer player.
Behind the Curtains
  • Kristen Hancher is very warm and serious in her relationships. She is quite fond of pets and has two cats. She admires the actor Jim Carrey and loves watching movies. She is Macedonian by origin. She often uses brands like Forever 21 and Broadway.
  • She is an active soccer player.

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