Kenza Boutrif Bio

(English Internet Celebrity and Instagram Star)

Birthday: August 1, 2001 (Leo)

Born In: Belgium

Kenza Boutrif is an English internet celebrity and Instagram star. Kenza is associated with various fashion brands and individual designers. As part of her business deals, she promotes the clothing and products of these fashion designers on her Instagram page, which has more than 385,000 followers. Apart from clothing and fashion brands, Kenza is also tied up with many hair care brands, such as ‘Capelli Amore Hair,’ ‘HerHairUK,’ and ‘Bella Hair.’ Kenza also uses her Instagram page to showcase her lifestyle and her love for traveling.
Childhood & Early Life
Kenza Boutrif was born on August 1, 2001, in England, United Kingdom. She was born into a family with Algerian and Congolese ancestry. Kenza was influenced by social media right from her childhood. In 2016, she created multiple accounts across various social media platforms and started posting her pictures and videos. Thanks to her good looks, she started getting followers on her Instagram page. Her popularity on social media caught the attention of various fashion and hair care brands. She was soon approached by fashion companies and individual designers, who expressed interest in signing business deals with her.
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Social Media & Modeling Career
Kenza Boutrif started attracting followers within a few months from creating her account on Instagram. Subsequently, she signed modeling deals with various fashion brands, such as ‘Fashion Nova,’ ‘PrettyLittleThing,’ ‘Envy Shoes,’ ‘House Of CB,’ and ‘Missy Empire’ among many other famous fashion brands. She then started flaunting clothing and make-up products of these fashion brands on her Instagram page, which continued to gather followers. Apart from fashion companies, she is also associated with individual fashion designers. She also models for various hair care and nail care brands like ‘Capelli Amore Hair,’ ‘Shea'D Beauty,’ ‘HerHairUK,’ and ‘Bella Hair’ among many other brands.
Kenza Boutrif is also well-known for posting lip-sync videos of popular rappers and musical artists. Some of her lip-sync videos include Migos’ ‘Brown Paper Bag’ and Drake’s ‘Gyalchester.’ Apart from Instagram, she is also active on Twitter, Snapchat, and Sound Cloud. Her popularity on social media has earned her many modeling opportunities. In January 2017, she took part in a photoshoot for a company called ‘Galore Lashes.’ Kenza Boutrif is also an entrepreneur as she has her own online clothing store that sells footwear, shirts, and pants.
Personal Life
Going by her Instagram posts, Kenza Boutrif loves traveling. Her Instagram page is packed with pictures of Paris, Dubai, and Italy. She also loves to spend her time in the gym. Her love for working out is pretty apparent in her pictures and videos. She is a huge fan of Young Thug and other popular musicians like Migos and Drake. In September 2016, she posted a picture with Young Thug on her Instagram account. She currently lives in London, from where she records most of her videos.

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