Jaycie Memmott Bio

(American TikTok Star)

Birthday: August 15, 2002 (Leo)

Born In: United States

Jaycie Memmott is an American TikTok star who currently has over 1.2 million followers and over 36 million hearts on the short-form video-sharing app. She has published more than 700 videos on her TikTok handle @jaycie_nicole, most of which contain lip-syncing and comic acting. Her videos have also been featured in ads for games on Snapchat and YouTube. She shoots most of her videos while at school despite being fully aware that she is not supposed to do that. Depending on the type of the video, she approximately spends from 10 minutes to an hour to shoot each of them, and she posts about two videos a day. She is often helped by her elder sister Cierra, who is also a TikTok star. She has recently begun uploading videos on YouTube and expects to expand her YouTube channel during her summer holidays. During a Q&A (question and answer) session, she informed her fans that she will launch her own merchandise once she understands the intricacies of the designing process. She wants to pursue a career in acting, modeling and singing in the future.

Quick Facts

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females


mother: Michelle

siblings: Cierra Michelle Memmott

Born Country: United States

Rise to Stardom
Jaycie Memmott began her social media journey on the image-sharing app, Instagram. She moved to TikTok in September 2017, when it was still known as musical.ly, months before the two platforms merged in August 2018. She first learned about musical.ly when she came across several TikTok videos posted by other people on the 'For You' section of her Instagram page. After doing the initial research, Jaycie decided that it would prove to be a perfect platform for her to express herself. She subsequently "jumped on that bandwagon" and earned fame on TikTok very quickly, even though she knows that this fame may not last forever.
Jaycie first wanted to become a YouTuber, but she was not confident about the type of content she wanted to be associated with. After finding smashing success on TikTok, she also started posting content on her YouTube channel, which she had created back in March, 2014. The social media sensation, who is still in her junior year in school, posted her first video on YouTube on October 22, 2018, titled '20 QUESTIONS!!' In her video, she is seen answering questions asked by her TikTok fans. The internet celebrity calls her fans 'dolls', which is a reference to their love and affection that they have showered her with.
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Family & Personal Life
Jaycie Nicole Memmott was born on August 15, 2002. She lives with her parents, Ryan Harold Memmott and Michelle L. Memmott, in Salem, Utah, United States. She has a sister called Cierra Michelle Memmott who is five years older than her. Cierra, who is also a TikTok star, is married to a man named Andy. Earlier, Jaycie was a competitive cheerleader and won several competitions as part of her school’s team. Soon after turning 16, she got her driver's license, passing "all the dumb little tests", in addition to her own car. She feels that it gives her a sense of independence and exposes her to the real world. She is left-handed and has been at the receiving end of her fair share of left-handed jokes. Yellow is her favorite color because the "happy and bright color" lifts her mood. She has three pets; an Aussie dog named Delilah, a Siamese cat named Anya, and another flame point Siamese cat named Baxter. ‘Urban Outfitters’ is her favorite place to shop at.
A lesser known fact about her is that when she was only five days old, she suffered from infant familial seizure syndrome, but she has not had seizures since then. She, however, recently witnessed her grandmother go through a severe seizure, after which she had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

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