ItsFunneh Bio

(Canadian Gamer and YouTuber)

Birthday: October 31, 1995 (Scorpio)

Born In: Alberta, Canada

ItsFunneh, originally named Kat, is a famous YouTube content creator. She is known for creating funny roleplay, adventure, challenge and mini-game videos using popular game creation platforms such as Roblox, Minecraft, etc. She and her siblings, together known as the KREW, couple their humorous commentary with impressive and artistic gameplay. ItsFunneh also live streams her games on her YouTube channel so that her audience can watch her play the games while listening to her uninterrupted and unedited narration. As of March 2018, the Canadian YouTuber has successfully garnered over 1.8 million subscribers on her channel. ItsFunneh is also incredibly popular on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well. As of March 2018, she held about 165k and about 59k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. And we have to mention, she has hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook too! On a personal note, ItsFunneh is a very funny and intelligent girl. She loves spending time with her family, especially her siblings.
Rise to Stardom
ItsFunneh created her YouTube channel on Sep 1, 2011. Her first video was ‘Thirsty Crafter (Minecraft Machinima Short)’ which was followed by the videos ‘Valentines Day (Minecraft Machinima)’, ‘Earthquake Stick (Minecraft Machinima)’, ‘5 ways to troll your friend in Minecraft’ and ‘Candi Goes Turbo (Minecraft Short Movie)’.
After their moderate success, she posted videos like ‘Yandere High School - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL’, Yandere High School - THE LUNCH DATE’, ‘Yandere High School - COLD BLOODED MURDER’, ‘Minecraft McDonalds - FAST FOOD MANIA’, ‘Minecraft Daycare - GOLD'S EX-BOYFRIEND’ and ‘Minecraft Sleepover - THE AWKWARD SLEEPOVER’. As these videos too tasted success, ItsFunneh came up with more amazing and interesting stuff.
She then started making videos based on the game Roblox. Some of these were ‘Roblox Obby - WE ESCAPE THE GIANT EVIL FAT MAN’, ‘Roblox - BAD MOM GOES TO PRISON!! HOW DO I SURVIVE’, ‘Roblox Obby - ESCAPE THE GIANT LIVING ROOM OBBY’ and ‘ROBLOX MINIGAMES FRENZY- Roblox Livestream’. These gameplay videos attracted thousands of views and this in turn gave ItsFunneh the fame and appreciation she needed.
After this, her phenomenal journey continued and the Canadian personality became one of the most popular YouTube gaming content creators within a year. Today, ItsFunneh has over 1.8 million subscribers and about 878 million views on her channel. Her recently posted videos are: 'LEGENDARY ICE DRAGON ATTACKS! - Krewcraft Minecraft Survival', ‘MAKING MY REAL LIFE DOGS IN SIMS 4 PETS’ and ‘THE BIGGEST TRAITORS in ROBLOX BIG BROTHER’. Like her past videos, these gameplay videos are also interesting and fun to watch.
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Personal Life
ItsFunneh was born as Kat on October 31, 1995 in Canada. Her brother is the gamer DraconiteDragon and her sisters are the gamers PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare and LunarEclispe. Nothing more is known about her family or personal life.

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