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(YouTube Animator)

Birthday: February 11, 2002 (Aquarius)

Born In: United States

American YouTuber and animator Nathan, known by his online pseudonym, InfamousSwoosh, has created quite a name for himself with his funny animation videos. He has also been part of a few collaborations with fellow animators and YouTubers such as Alex Clark. Nathan is also immensely popular on Instagram, where he posts selfies and animation. However, he deactivated his Twitter account due to mental health issues.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Nathan

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Early Life

YouTuber Nathan, better known online as InfamousSwoosh, loved drawing comics in his sketch book as a kid. He slowly got interested in animation, inspired by the works of YouTuber Domics. He started posting regularly on YouTube back in February 2016.

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Social Media Career

Nathan, better known by the name of his popular YouTube channel, InfamousSwoosh, shot to fame with his animation and skits. One of his best-known videos, My Hiking Trip, features fellow animator TheOdd1sOut. The clip went viral and fetched him millions of views.

Some of his most popular videos are Raising a Puppy, Sleepovers (ft. Haminations), and Teacher Stories (ft. BrodyAnimates). He is known for his other collaborations too, for instance his video titled Bus Rides, which features animator and YouTuber Alex Clark. He has also collaborated with YouTuber 8 Bit Liam. A November 2020 video posted by him featured animated characters from the video game Among Us.

Nathan has a second YouTube channel, Swoosh. The channel, launched in December 2017, showcases his gaming videos and vlogs. Some of his most-watched videos from this channel are Haminations almost kills Infamous Swoosh and BrodyAnimates and Tony22 & Infamous Swoosh - LADYBUG.

He is popular on Instagram too. His Instagram account, infamous_swoosh, has gained thousands of followers and mostly showcases his animation content and quirky selfies.

Nathan was part of VidCon in 2018 and 2019. He also hosted a meetup at VidCon 2019, which included animators such as Haminations, BrodyAnimates, Tortie, and LukeOrSomething.

In March 2022, he met BrodyAnimates and Haminations and posted about it. In August 2021, he deactivated his Twitter account due to mental health issues. His Twitter account is now used by BrodyAnimates as his backup Twitter account.

Family Life

Nathan grew up with his 3 siblings: an older sister and 2 older brothers.  One of his brothers is named Justin.

He once owned a dog named Snax. Snax unfortunately died of cancer in March 2021. In December 2021, he adopted a cockapoo named Copper.

It is not known if he is dating someone.

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