Hezo Melo TV Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: November 14, 2000 (Scorpio)

Born In: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Hezo Melo TV is the online alias of social media star Justin Johnson, who is best recognized for his YouTube channel on which he mostly makes reaction videos. His YouTube channel has more than 598K subscribers. He is also active on TikTok and Instagram. He has often featured his mother and sisters on his videos and helped his sister Crystal gain popularity on TikTok by featuring her videos on his channel. Hezo, who had a serious accident in June 2018 that left a scar on his forehead, launched his own merchandise, including a T-shirt with his face and the words “More Than a Scar” printed on it.

Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Kira

Also Known As: Justin Johnson

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males


siblings: Crystal, Kimmie

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Wisconsin, African-American From Wisconsin

More Facts

education: Riverside University High School


Hezo Melo TV was inspired to make his own YouTube account in August 2017 after watching several other popular YouTubers. Most of his early videos were pranks, sometimes coupled with vlogs, among which the most popular was PREGNANT PRANK ON MOM *GOES VIOLEN”, uploaded on September 17, 2017. While he occasionally posted challenge videos as well, he soon shifted focus towards reaction videos. He would often react to popular videos from the web, including music videos and dance choreographies, and frequently featured his younger sister Crystal and some of his friends. He made a special video in November 2017 after reaching 1K subscribers within three months. In December 2017, he introduced more types of content on his channel, including a proper vlog, a DIRTY Q&A, and a STORY TIME video, all featuring his friend Jaymin Martin. He continued to post reaction videos on YouTube in the following years, and has also branched out to other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

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Car Accident

On June 17, 2018, Hezo Melo TV’s two sisters Kimmie and Crystal took over his channel to make a challenge video in which they revealed that their brother had met with an accident and will be back on the channel soon. After staying out of YouTube for just about a week, Hezo returned on the channel on June 22, 2018 with a noticeable injury mark on his forehead and his right hand in a cast. He expressed how much he missed being on YouTube and thanked his fans for their constant queries. He explained that he had an accident a few days back when another car suddenly came in front of his on a sharp turn, following which he lost control while trying to avoid a collision with that car. His car got smashed against a concrete wall and he lost consciousness. However, he assured his fans that he was okay and was more motivated than ever to cross more milestones on YouTube.

Family & Personal Life

Hezo Melo TV, real name Justin Johnson, was born on November 14, 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. His father passed away a day before his eighth-grade graduation. He grew up alongside three sisters including older sister Kimmie and younger sister Crystal. He has featured both the sisters in his videos, but Crystal more often as she still lived with the family. Hezo attended Riverside University High School. He has two pet snakes named Big Bro and Lil Bro. He has got a tattoo in memory of his father and mentioned that his father must be proud of him as he was the first in the family to go to college.


Hezo Melo TV was in a relationship with a woman named Kira, one of his childhood friends, who is known on Instagram as “Kglazedit” (@cvrlyk) and has a YouTube channel called Life with Cvrlyk. A hairstylist, she runs the shop “Kira Hair Care” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She and Hezo studied in the same school, but they did not date back then as Hezo was in a relationship with another woman who reportedly cheated on him.

He introduced her to his fans in the video Meet My lil "Crush in October 2020. She continued to appear in his videos, and in November, they began making videos as a couple on his second channel, Hezo's Vlogz, even though they posted only a few videos. In June 2021, the two appeared in a cryptic video titled Kira & Hezo? on his main YouTube channel. However, weeks later, he posted the video How YouTube ruined my relationship, in which he explained that she broke up with him after watching one of his recent videos in which he apparently “sounded thirsty” while reacting to the video of another woman.

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