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(TikTok Comedy Content Creator)

Birthday: March 5, 2002 (Pisces)

Born In: Yemen

Yemeni-Canadian TikTok star, Hamzah, better known online as HamzahTheFantastic, was a 19-year-old gap year student when he decided to experiment with TikTok. Hamzah’s engaging lip syncs on his TikTok account, hamzahthefantastic, got him instant fame. He later released a theme track, co-hosted a podcast, and also became popular on YouTube and Instagram.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In March

Also Known As: Hamzah Saleh, Hamzah Al-Emad

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Males

Born Country: Yemen

Early Life

Hamzah Al-Emad (also known as Hamzah Saleh) is popularly known by his online pseudonym, HamzahTheFantastic. The Yemeni-born social media star was all of 8 months when he moved to the US with his family. At 17, Hamza moved to Canada, where he was raised henceforth.

While in Canada, Hamza got bored and that’s when he decided to use his funny personality to start creating TikTok videos. The year he graduated high school, Hamzah decided to take a gap year to focus on his TikTok career, and he never looked back. It was funny because he chose social media as his career path in spite of being a straight A student. He also once revealed he was inspired by skits TikToker Jack Innanen.

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Social Media Career

Hamzah was just 19, when he decided to experiment with TikTok during his gap year, and it changed his life forever. His quirky skits and POV clips on his TikTok account, hamzahthefantastic, fetched him a huge fan base on the platform. A 2019 clip shows him imitating Jacob Sartorius. He soared to global fame with his viral video Promiscuous Girl, which led to a TikTok trend with people lip syncing to the track.

Hamzah also gained popularity with his appearance in the Twitch stream channel 4freakshow with internet celebrities such as Chase Rutherford and Claire Drake. He launched his own YouTube channel in January 2020. However, he did not publish any videos by May that year. Hamzah later also co-hosted the podcast Out of Character, collaborating with thatmartinkid. The podcast, which later became a YouTube show too, showcased him talking to various media influencers.

Hamzah is also popular on Instagram. One of his first posts on the platform was made in May 2019.

Family Life

Hamzah once revealed how he grew up with his 4 siblings in a tiny apartment. He also narrated how he and his siblings slept in the same room till his high school days. He has featured his younger brother in his content. He also once said how his parents initially expected him to attend college and become a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer.

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