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(Maltese YouTuber)

Birthday: June 1, 1994 (Gemini)

Born In: Malta

Grandayy is a Maltese YouTuber and music producer. He is known for developing memes and song covers using the note block system in Minecraft. With more than 2 million subscribers on his channel, he is currently the most followed YouTuber from Malta (as of May 2019). He also has three other channels, namely, ‘grande1899,’ ‘More Grandayy’ and ‘grandayy malta.’ Grandayy has a deep interest in music and started his music career in the year 2011 with Minecraft note block songs. To date, he has released a number of tracks under his grande1899 label. He is associated with many large meme-centric YouTube personalities like FlyingKitty and Dolan Dark. Like them, he has been endorsed by popular YouTubers, including VoiceoverPete and PewDiePie. Undoubtedly a multitalented guy, he also has a degree in medicine. As a social media personality, Grandayy is also active on Instagram, with over 2 million followers.
Quick Facts

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Males

YouTube Career
Grandayy started posting videos in 2007 on his then-main channel ‘grande1899’. He rose to fame in 2011 when he began sharing his Minecraft note block song covers. In 2014, he created his channel ‘Grandayy’ (now his main channel) and continued sharing songs on ‘grande1899’ and clips of soccer on ‘Grandayy.’
On November 1, 2016, Grandayy started uploading his ‘We Are Number One’ memes on his Grandayy account. All these memes added to his popularity and eventually garnered him thousands of subscribers. Two of these memes 'We Are Number One but it's woahed by Crash Bandicoot' and 'We Are Number One but it's borked by Gabe the Dog' are extremely popular. With over 18 million and over 10 million views, these are among the most watched videos on ‘Grandayy.’
In August 2018, the YouTuber earned one million subscribers on his channel ‘Grandayy.’ As of now, the channel has accumulated more than 2.2 million followers from all over the world (as of May 2019). Talking about his channel ‘grande1899,’ it has over 670k followers. His other channels ‘More Grandayy’ and ‘grandayy malta’ have also earned substantial numbers of followers. While the former channel has unique Maltese memes, the latter features random videos.
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Grandayy started making music in 2011. Since then, he has released a number of Minecraft note block songs, with a recent one being a parody of PewDiePie's ‘Bitch Lasagna, Witch Savanna.’ All of his tracks are available on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Google Play Music.
Some of his songs are ‘Sunrise,’ an original composition featuring Tom Spander, ‘China Gang,’ a parody song employing sound clips of Donald Trump, ‘The Fall of PewDiePie,’ a diss track and ‘China,’ a parody of the track ‘Havana,’ again employing sound clips of Trump.
In 2018, Grandayy featured in PewDiePie's version of YouTube Rewind 2018 alongside other YouTubers including Dolan Dark and FlyingKitty. In December, he collaborated with ReptileLegit to develop a parody of ‘Muffin Time,’ titled ‘Gamer Time’.
In 2019, he again teamed up with ReptileLegit for ‘Congratulations’, a parody using Minecraft note blocks.
Family & Personal Life
Grandayy was born on June 1, 1994 in Malta. He has graduated from a university with a medical degree.

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