GraceFitUK Bio

(British Instagrammer)

Birthday: February 16, 1997 (Aquarius)

Born In: London, England

Age: 27 Years

Grace Beverley, also known as GraceFitUK, is a London-based fitness instructor turned social media personality with over 1 million Instagram followers. She gained popularity by sharing her fitness journey online, initially under the username Grace Fit UK. In addition to documenting her workouts and progress, Grace also offers health-approved recipes through her recipe ebook. She is the founder of the athletic wear brand Tala and the creator of the fitness and nutrition app SHREDDY. Grace began her Instagram journey in 2014 and later expanded her online presence by launching a YouTube channel where she vlogs, provides Q&As, free workouts, advice, and more. Her dedication to promoting health and fitness has earned her a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.


Born and raised in London, Grace Beverley attended Oxford University before embarking on her career in the fitness industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Tala, a popular activewear brand known for its sustainable and stylish designs. Alongside her fashion ventures, Grace's dedication to empowering others in their fitness journeys led her to create the SHREDDY app, offering users access to personalized workout and nutrition plans. With a passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences, Grace collaborates with fellow fitness enthusiasts, such as Paige Hathaway, and continues to inspire a global audience through her engaging content across various social media platforms.

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