Ed Beaufoy Bio

(British TikTok Star)

Birthday: September 26, 2002 (Libra)

Born In: Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Ed Beaufoy is a British social media personality and TikTok star. He has gained popularity for his comedy videos and has acquired over 1.3 million fans on his edbeaufoy account. Ed Beaufoy is a popular face on Instagram as well, having over 121k followers on his official account, edbeaufoy. He also runs a self-titled Youtube channel (Ed Beaufoy) where he posts Q&A content, vlogs, reaction videos, and storytime videos for close to 56k subscribers. He can be found on Twitter as Ed Beaufoy (@Edbeaufoy) and has 568 followers on his account. Ed Beaufoy is also active on OnlyFans and has 768 likes on his Ed Beaufoy (@edbeaufoyof) account.

Rise to Fame

Ed Beaufoy stole the spotlight on TikTok with his humor-centric videos. The crowd quickly took a liking to his unconventional yet funny content and Ed Beaufoy soon became a wild sensation on the video-sharing platform. Outside TikTok, Ed Beaufoy has also become an iconic figure on Instagram and has earned the support of hundreds of thousands of followers.

Ed Beaufoy launched his self-titled Youtube channel in August 2017. However, his first video came out in 2019 titled “IM JOINING THE SOCIAL CLIMBERS!” He has grown famous on Youtube for his reaction videos, Q&A content, challenge videos, vlogs, and shorts. The most-watched video on his channel is titled “Tiktokers first videos….”

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Personal Life

Ed Beaufoy was born on September 26, 2002, in Somerset, England. His brother and sister have appeared on his Youtube channel. He shares a good equation with social media stars Kate Elisabeth and Carmie Sellito and has even presented them as his “parents” in some of his videos. Interestingly, this led many of his fans to believe that Kate and Carmie are actually his parents. Ed’s zodiac sign is Libra.

In 2019, Ed posted a video titled “HOW I GOT EXPELLED FROM PRIVATE SCHOOL” where he explained how he was almost expelled from his school. According to Ed, he was wrongly accused by his head teacher of bringing fireworks to school. However, after rummaging through his bags and belongings, the teachers found nothing. But there was another student with him who had drugs and a knife in his bag. This led to Ed and the student being detained at the principal’s office even though he had not done anything. After several requests and deliberations by their parents, the students were left off with a warning. It was later found that someone had started a rumor that Ed was carrying fireworks with him which led to the whole situation.

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