Amadeo Llados Bio

(Spanish TikToker)

Birthday: July 27, 1991 (Leo)

Born In: Madrid, Spain

Age: 32 Years

Amadeo Llados is a prominent Spanish fitness influencer who has gained widespread recognition primarily through his lladosfitness TikTok page, boasting an impressive following of over 2.8 million loyal fans. On his TikTok account, Amadeo shares a variety of content, including workout clips and valuable entrepreneurial advice aimed at aspiring online fitness coaches seeking to monetize their passion for fitness. Beginning his social media journey on Instagram in May 2014, Amadeo has successfully leveraged his platform to amass a substantial fortune within a mere three-year period through his online fitness coaching endeavors. Furthermore, his engaging presence extends to YouTube, where his videos have collectively garnered over 99 million views across a diverse range of fitness-related content, comprising more than 1,000 videos. With a dedicated following, his videos consistently attract thousands of views, solidifying his status as a respected figure in the fitness community. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Amadeo Llados stands out as a dynamic influencer who continues to inspire and motivate his audience with his passion for fitness and entrepreneurial spirit.


In addition to his remarkable social media success, Amadeo Llados shares the spotlight with fellow fitness influencer Demi Bagby as one of the most popular figures on TikTok, further solidifying his status as a prominent voice in the fitness industry. Through his engaging content and valuable insights, Amadeo has carved out a niche for himself as a source of inspiration for fitness enthusiasts worldwide, offering actionable tips and guidance to those looking to pursue a career in online fitness coaching. As he continues to expand his digital footprint and connect with a growing audience, Amadeo remains dedicated to empowering others to achieve their fitness goals and unlock their full potential. 

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