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AldosWorld is a famous Canadian internet star, who owns a popular YouTube channel named ‘AldosWorld TV.’

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 4, 1994

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Born in: Canada

Famous as: YouTube Prankster

Popularity Index
YouTube Pranksters #76 Instagram Stars #78
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AldosWorld is a famous Canadian internet star, who owns a popular YouTube channel named ‘AldosWorld TV.’ AldosWorld has managed to amass more than 1.5 million subscribers on the popular video-sharing website. Apart from YouTube, he also enjoys a massive fan following on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although he specializes in posting street interviews, social experiments, and pranks, he also posts videos belonging to various other genres from time to time. Thanks to his sense of humor and good looks, AldosWorld is a celebrity in his own right. He is not only popular in Canada, but is a well-known personality in other countries as well. His popularity has helped his YouTube channel in gaining more number of subscribers over the years.

  • AldosWorld started uploading videos on YouTube in April 2013. His first ever video was titled ‘Why Girls Say We’re Stupid,’ in which he introduced himself to the world. As the title of the video suggests, ‘Why Girls Say We’re Stupid’ was about his struggles to understand girls. Although the video is known to be one of his funniest to date, it did not impress many of his viewers. Even to this date, the video has only collected around 20,000 views. In fact, it took him quite a few months to understand what his viewers actually wanted to see on YouTube.
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  • His second video, which was uploaded two weeks later, wasn’t a hit either. The video has managed to collect a little more than 6,000 views to date. Initially, his videos were not getting the kind of attention that he was hoping for. But his love for YouTube kept him going as he continued posting more number of videos. By the end of the year, he became less active on social media to focus on his studies, among other things.
  • In September 2014, he started posting a variety of videos. After he posted a couple of prank videos, the number of his subscribers shot up. He then realized what his viewers wanted. AldosWorld is credited with popularizing prank videos on YouTube. Today, prank videos have become hugely popular all over YouTube.
  • He then posted his breakthrough video titled ‘Picking up Girls Using the Worst English Accent.’ But what truly changed his life was the prank video titled ‘Scaring People Who Text & Walk at the Same Time Prank.’ In the video, he wore a scary attire and shocked people by scaring them when they were least expecting it. The video, which was uploaded in October 2014, became instantly famous and amassed more than two million views. By the end of the year 2016, the number of his subscribers had crossed the one million mark.
  • When his viewers got tired of prank videos, he started posting various other videos like street interviews. In these videos, he went about asking weird questions to random people on the street. One of his most popular video series was titled ‘24 Series.’ In the series, he would trap himself in interesting places, such as night clubs, malls, and prisons for a period of 24 hours.
  • He has collaborated with other YouTubers over the years, which has helped his channel accumulate more subscribers. The total number of views on his channel has crossed the 1 billion mark, which is an exceptional number by any standard.
  • AldosWorld has been criticized a lot for breaking Canadian laws on many occasions. He has also gotten himself into trouble several times, but has so far managed to escape with inconsequential punishments. He also ventured into business and started his own website ‘’ He sells printed T-shirts, hoodies, and jackets among other apparels through his website.
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Personal Life
  • AldosWorld was born on January 4, 1994, in Canada, into an upper middle class family. Although AldosWorld does everything for fun, he has inspired thousands of people across the world. He has inspired several young YouTubers to create their own channel with hopes of making it big someday.

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Last Updated : March 06, 2018

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