Aiden Fair Bio

(American TikToker)

Birthday: February 14, 2007 (Aquarius)

Born In: United States

Age: 17 Years

Aiden Fair is a popular short form content creator and TikTok personality, gaining recognition for his engaging dance and lip sync videos on his account under the username aidenfairrr. Among his early TikTok posts is a video featuring Lil Keed's "HBS." Aiden often collaborates with fellow TikTok star Roselie Arritola, showcasing their combined talents in various entertaining videos. Notably, Aiden's mother has also joined him in some of his dance performances, adding a unique family dynamic to his content. In addition, his brother Ethan Fair has also found his own success on social media platforms, further solidifying Aiden's presence in the digital sphere. Aiden's creative expression extends to syncing his movements with popular songs, as seen in his TikTok set to Audrey Mika's "Y U Gotta Be Like That."


Through his engaging content on TikTok, Aiden Fair has built a dedicated following by consistently sharing captivating dance and lip sync videos on his aidenfairrr account. Partnering with fellow TikTok star Roselie Arritola, Aiden has showcased his talent and creativity in collaborative projects that entertain and inspire his audience. With a family dynamic present in his content, Aiden's mother occasionally joins him in dance performances, while his brother Ethan Fair also contributes to the family's social media success. Aiden's ability to synchronize his movements with popular tracks is evident in his TikTok video featuring Audrey Mika's "Y U Gotta Be Like That," demonstrating his knack for engaging storytelling through music and movement.

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