Adrienne Jane Davis Bio

(American YouTuber)

Birthday: October 21, 2003 (Libra)

Born In: United States

Age: 20 Years

Adrienne Jane Davis, also known as AJ Davis, gained recognition through her involvement in the Davis Sisters group, which is featured on the popular YouTube channel Funniflix. Alongside her sisters, she showcased her talents and passion for singing, as well as their shared love for fashion. In December 2018, AJ and her sisters made their debut on Funniflix with a video titled "Sister Tag! (Introducing the Davis Family)," marking the beginning of their journey as content creators on the platform. AJ, the second youngest among her siblings – Ava, Addison, and Abi – quickly captivated audiences with her charm and talent, as demonstrated in her solo video on Funniflix titled "Holiday and New Years Makeup Look."


One notable collaboration within the family includes AJ's sister Ava teaming up with MattyB for the song "808s and Motivation," further showcasing the Davis Sisters' versatility and ability to connect with a diverse audience. With their infectious energy and creative endeavors, AJ and her sisters continue to make waves in the online entertainment world, leaving a lasting impression on viewers with their talents and genuine sisterly bond.

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