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(TikTok Star)

Birthday: March 4, 2001 (Pisces)

Born In: United States

ActuallyJosee, real name Jose Oyervidez, is an American social media star known for his comedy, dance, and lip-sync videos on his TikTok profile; his TikTok profile has more than 836K followers. He also has over 3 million followers on the Dadwiggies profile, which he shares with friends JaycoSet and Santea. He was previously a member of the TikTok house La Casita. Following TikTok fame, he tried his hand at vlogging on YouTube and has 198K subscribers on his channel. He is less active on Instagram, but has managed to gain 157K followers. He launched his own company to produce merchandise including T-shirts and hoodies with the word “ACTUALLY” printed on them. While he often collaborates with fellow social media star Xile Mena on relationship-themed videos, he admitted that it was all for content and they are more like sister and brother in real life.

Quick Facts

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Rise to Stardom

ActuallyJosee joined TikTok in August 2020 and gained popularity for his comedy, dance, and lip-sync videos. His first viral video that received over 1 million views on the platform was a parody of the MTV Cribs show. Apart from his own TikTok following, he is also known for being a part of the TikTok group Dadwiggies, along with his friends, JaycoSet and Santea, whom he met in high school when he was a sophomore and they were senior and freshman, respectively. They got to know each other as they often played soccer together for about a year.

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All of them were active on TikTok and were good at making dance videos and transitions, which prompted them to collaborate for fun and eventually form the group. The name and the idea for the group came from Jose, who had seen videos by the all-female TikTok group “Badwiggies”, known for wearing brightly colored wigs and dancing to trending tunes. He floated the idea of recreating some of their videos to Santea first, but he was not convinced. While they admit it sounds clichéd, but the group actually committed to the idea after JaycoSet dreamed about three of them dancing with wigs in a parking lot after watching one of Badwiggies’ videos just before going to bed. Jose got the wigs the next day and they made their first video later that night. It instantaneously became very popular on the platform. Interestingly, Jose is very close to one of the members of Badwiggies, Itsxileyo a.k.a. Xile Mena, whom he has featured in several videos. He started uploading vlogs on YouTube with the Dadwiggies in November 2020. Since then, he has posted challenge videos, mukbang, interviews with other social media stars, Q&A’s and more on the channel.

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Controversies & Scandals

For a while, ActuallyJosee was a member of the TikTok house La Casita along with his friends JaycoSet and Santea, as well as TikTokers like Gerohan, Kevin and the Badwiggies. It was a sponsored house in which the members lived rent-free but were supposed to do services for a company that paid the rent. He made a video in May 2021 after shifting to Los Angeles and moving into the house. However, in another video in September that year, he revealed that they did not complete the required services and everyone was kicked out of the house. Jose later mentioned that they got “comfortable” and “lazy” while in the house because of rent-free living and lit parties.

In early January 2022, Jose and his friends got into a fight with a “homophobic” man in a taco restaurant. He made a video about it in which the man could be seen calling him “gay” after he playfully poked his friend Kevin from behind. He responded by saying he was gay and accused him of being homophobic. The altercation soon led to a fight after the man confronted Jose and he and his friends overwhelmed him. The whole incident was caught on camera and became viral after being shared online.

Family & Personal Life

ActuallyJosee was born as Jose Oyervidez on March 4, 2001 in Houston, Texas, United States into a Mexican origin family. His father is a businessman. He has a younger sister who has appeared on his TikTok videos. He attended a small school where students needed to be accepted and completed high school graduation in 2019.

He was good at studies in elementary school, but by the time he went to high school, he knew that he was not meant to go to college. He wanted to be his own boss like his father was. He has occasionally worked with his father and also worked part-time at Ralph’s after moving to LA. He revealed smoking cannabis for the first time in eighth grade, not because he was going through any crisis, but because he was influenced by a “pothead” friend. He went to court once for speeding tickets.

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