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Aaron Kyro is an American professional skateboarder and the founder of the website 'Braille Skateboarding.' Know more about his family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: September 10, 1983

Nationality: American

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Born in: Denver, CO

Famous as: YouTube Star

Height: 5'8" (173 cm), 5'8" Males

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U.S. State: Colorado

City: Denver, Colorado

Popularity Index
YouTubers #378
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Aaron Kyro is an American professional skateboarder and the founder of the website 'Braille Skateboarding.' He also owns a 'YouTube' channel of the same name that hosts skateboarding tutorials, ranging from the beginner’s to the advanced levels. The channel now has over three million subscribers and is the largest skateboarding channel in the world. Aaron has contributed a lot to promote the sport across the US and the world. He has built a skate park in his hometown, enabling budding skateboarders to follow their passion. Aaron is now sponsored by a number of top-notch sports brands. This contributes to his mission of spreading the joy of skateboarding. In 2017, Aaron launched a one-of-a-kind online skateboarding university that offers full-time courses on the sport.

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  • Aaron started skateboarding at the age of 10. He grew up in a small town, where skateboarding was not too common back then. After spending a few years acquiring skateboarding skills, Aaron was hit by the idea of taking the sport to a platform that would open many avenues for budding skateboarders. The first step he took was to build a skate park in his hometown. He had to make a lot of effort to collect the funds required for making his dream a reality. He finally received a grant of $ 25,000 and built the first-ever skate park in his town. Skateboarding was not too prominent in the social-media arena back then. With a view to change that scenario, Aaron created a 'YouTube' channel named 'Braille Skateboarding,' dedicated entirely to skateboarding. The channel hosts skateboarding tutorials for budding skateboarders. The channel soon gained momentum and earned an impressive subscription base. With over three million subscribers, the channel is now the largest skateboarding channel on 'YouTube.' However, this was not enough for Aaron’s mission. He believed the channel was not enough to encourage young talent in the skateboarding arena. The availability of skating essentials, too, was an issue back then. Thus, in 2007, Aaron launched a website with the same name as that of the channel. The website soon became a one-stop destination for skateboarders, where they could find anything and everything related to the sport. The website provides amateur skateboarders free tutorials, event updates, sponsorships, and much more. The website includes a six-part series named 'Skateboarding Made Simple,' which is a complete learning tutorial, offering courses from the beginner’s level to advanced levels. The website also provides a platform for skateboarders to showcase themselves internationally, by helping them share their videos, tips, and queries. It also serves as a kind of web community that connects skateboarders from all over the world. The website also offers Aaron’s signature merchandize and skating essentials.
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  • Aaron’s efforts to spread the joy of skateboarding across the world were rewarded by 'Revive Skateboards,' which gave him his first big sponsorship. In 2015, he created a series named 'Skate Everything,' which was about some of the toughest skating tricks. He later released a similar series, 'You Make It We Skate It.' Both these series offered tips and tricks to master tough skating moves. By the end of 2017, Aaron had launched his online skateboarding school, the 'Braille Skate University.' This online school imparts skateboarding lessons, apart from providing technical know-how for starting one’s own skateboarding channel. Aaron later launched his second 'YouTube' channel, 'Braille Army,' which is another platform to promote skateboarding all over the world. The channel has amassed over 242 thousand subscribers to date.
  • In addition to the channel, his websites, and his online school, Aaron has several other social-media accounts that have been instrumental in propagating skateboarding. He has two 'Instagram' pages: a self-titled page and another, ‘brailleskate,’ dedicated to skateboarding. Both the pages have a pretty decent number of followers.
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Personal Life
  • Aaron Kyro was born on September 10, 1983, in Denver, Colorado. He grew up in the small town of Red Lodge, Montana, US. Aaron later moved to San Francisco, California.
  • Aaron follows Scientology, a unique body of religious beliefs and practices. Scientology is the source of his self-confidence and self-esteem that have helped him build his skateboarding career. The Scientology network once featured one of Aaron’s videos on their website, which showed him explain how the organization helps him keep his peace while executing some of the toughest skateboarding tricks. Apart from strengthening his professional life, Scientology has nurtured his personal life, too, by introducing him to his wife and fellow Scientologist, Danielle. Aaron and Danielle got married in April 2010. The same month, he launched a new skateboarding website.
  • Aaron is a good friend of fellow skateboarder and popular "YouTuber" Christopher Chann.

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Last Updated : May 31, 2018
Aaron Kyro

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