History has witnessed many individuals who went on to become iconic figures, mainly by the virtue of their very unconventional personality and a divergent approach towards life. Be it a carefree, argumentative, Bohemian or even outspoken, the world has produced celebrities in every possible personality category. While many dictators such as Hitler turned historic due to their dominating traits, philanthropists such as Mother Teresa were famous for being kind to the poor and the needy. The autobiographies of many celebrities, which are more of reflections of their personalities, have become sources of inspirations to many.
For instance, many entrepreneurs owe their success to the inspirations drawn from the lives of computer wizards like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The common factor amongst all celebrities with different personalities is the ability to think and act differently from the rest of the crowd. Perhaps this is the reason why they continue to remain immortal in the hearts of many. Here you can find many biographies of many famous people. Glance through this section to learn about their timelines, life stories, and interesting trivia & facts related to them.