What's one way to see the legacy of a great university or an educational institute? Well… watch what its alumni do! One of the most important parameters of a great alma mater is definitely the quality of its alumni. The larger the community of successful alumni, the more famous the university/college becomes. With each successful alumnus, the name of the institution slowly and gradually becomes bigger and over a period of time, it becomes so famous that students from all over the world want to study there. The notable alumni from these famous colleges/universities inspire, entertain, lead, improve and challenge the world around them. These ex-students have shone like stars in their chosen fields all over the world.

The top universities/colleges of the world have produced them all - from Nobel Prize winners to Olympic gold medalists! While one may lead the list of Nobel Prize Winners, the other may top the list of great scientists, leaders or writers. Colleges love to promote their famous alumni—as it makes sense for them to associate themselves with successful, well-known people by taking some credit in shaping their career. Thousands of gifted men and women have studied at these notable universities throughout their history. Some names are so famous that we recognize them instantly but there are thousands of others who may not have been well-known but have led the change and made a huge difference in their own field. It is our endeavor to showcase these notable alumni from various top universities/colleges of the world.