Famous Italian Surgeons

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 1 Carlo Levi

Carlo Levi
Famous As: Painter
Birthdate: November 29, 1902
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Turin, Italy
Died: January 4, 1975

Best known for his iconic documentary novel Christ Stopped at Eboli, Italian painter and author Carlo Levi had also studied medicine. His anti-fascist ideals and political activism got him exiled to Lucania. He was part of the neorealist and contemporary movements. He had also been a senator of the Italian parliament.

 2 Hieronymus Fabricius ab Aquapendente

Hieronymus Fabricius ab Aquapendente
Famous As: Surgeon
Birthdate: May 20, 1533
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Acquapendente, Italy
Died: May 21, 1619

 3 Realdo Colombo

Realdo Colombo
Famous As: Professor
Birthdate: 1515 AD
Birthplace: Cremona, Italy
Died: 1559 AD
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 4 Mondino de Luzzi

Mondino de Luzzi
Famous As: Italian physician
Birthdate: 1270 AD
Birthplace: Bologna, Italy
Died: 1326 AD

 5 Jacopo Berengario da Carpi

Jacopo Berengario da Carpi
Famous As: Physician
Birthdate: 1460 AD
Birthplace: Carpi, Italy
Died: 1530 AD