Engineering is considered as one of the toughest educational course world-wide and it is the engineers who apply the theories of science to solve practical problems. India has produced numerous engineers who did pioneering work in their field. The works of these famous engineers, like E. Sreedharan who is popularly known as the ‘Metro Man of India’, for his contribution to Indian metro or M. Visvesvaraya who made a significant contribution in the field of water supply and irrigation, benefitted numerous citizens of the country. Many engineers like Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani decided to pool their expertise and the result was ‘Infosys’, a company reckoned globally. The aerospace engineers of the country were responsible for the success of India’s maiden Mars Mission ‘Chandrayan’. The legacy of several famous engineers is carried forward by the engineers of today who are not content with hefty paychecks but are ready to leave the comfort of their plush offices to contribute to the betterment of the society. Here we have made an effort to bring to you the biographies of some eminent Indian engineers. Explore to know more about their inspiring life stories and timelines. We have also presented some interesting fun facts and trivia related to these personalities.

Sundar PichaiSundar Pichai
12 July 1972
CEO of Google Inc
Shiva AyyaduraiShiva Ayyadurai
02 December 1963
Inventor of Email

N. R. Narayana MurthyN. R. Narayana Murthy
20 August 1946
Founder of Infosys

M. VisvesvarayaM. Visvesvaraya
15 September 1860
Civil Engineer

Nandan NilekaniNandan Nilekani
02 June 1955
Founder of Infosys

E. SreedharanE. Sreedharan
12 June 1932
Metro Man
Sonu SoodSonu Sood
30 July 1973

Abdul Qadeer KhanAbdul Qadeer Khan
01 April 1936
Physicist, Engineer, Scientist, Metallurgist,

Satish DhawanSatish Dhawan
25 September 1920
Aerospace engineer, Engineer
Sabbir KhanSabbir Khan

Satyendra DubeySatyendra Dubey
27 November 1973
Resul PookuttyResul Pookutty
30 May 1971
Engineer, Audio engineer

Raghunath Anant MashelkarRaghunath Anant Mashelkar
01 January 1943
Engineer, Scientist

Sabu CyrilSabu Cyril
27 January 1962
Art director, Actor

G. Madhavan NairG. Madhavan Nair
31 October 1943
Aerospace engineer, Engineer

Anil KakodkarAnil Kakodkar
11 November 1943
Subramaniam RamadoraiSubramaniam Ramadorai
06 October 1945

Anil Kumar AgarwalAnil Kumar Agarwal
23 November 1947