In a world divided into Fascists, Communists, Democrats, Republicans, Anarchists, Socialists, and Marxists, the ideologies of individual members and groups have a significant bearing on how they view the world, the problems plaguing it, and the perceived solutions to solve the issues that ail the world. Ideologies in simple words are the collection of specific ideals, principles, doctrines, and even myths shared by a group of people that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy. In the field of international politics, the role of ideologies should never be underestimated. Ideologies not only affect the goals and objectives of national interest, but also have the power to drastically impact the international political scenario.
The ideology of Marxism that originated from the works of philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels has influenced multiple political ideologies and social movements all around the world. History is witness to the worldwide horrors that were born out of the Nazi ideology that was originated by Adolf Hitler in the late 1910s Germany. The ideologies of Liberalism and Communism play a defining role in international relations today. In this section, we have categorized famous people by ideology.