Famous People From Greece
Greeks have been responsible for much of what we use and enjoy today. Imagine life without their inventions and discoveries – the concept of democracy would be unknown, philosophy wouldn’t have existed and no cartography and thus no navigation. Did you know that the alarm clock that wakes you up every morning to get set for the day on time was first invented by the Greeks? Yes, though the first kinds of alarm used by the Greeks weren’t as that of the present-day buzzers, they are however credited for inventing the concept of having alarm clocks. The odometer that measures the distance travelled by a vehicle has become one of the most widely employed gadgets of the current world. But did you know that it too has its roots back in Greece? And that isn’t it – Geometry, one of the oldest branches of mathematics, was studied by the Egyptians and Babylonians but it were the Greeks who laid the foundation for modern-day geometry. Thales of Miletus is regarded as the Father of Geometry. He was responsible for setting up a number of axioms and rules that were based on reasoning. Did you know that ancient civilization believed that diseases were God’s way of punishing humans? It were the Greeks who started the practice of medication. Greek scientists have thus contributed greatly for the society and the civilization. Read this section to know more about famous Greek scientists.
0384 BC
0570 BC
Philosopher and Mathematician

0287 BC
Mathematician, Engineer, Inventor, Physicist,

0330 BC
Mathematician - Euclidean Geometry, Euclid's


Hero of AlexandriaHero of Alexandria
0010 AD
Inventor, Mathematician
Hipparchus Hipparchus
0190 BC
Astronomer & Mathematician

Aristarchus of SamosAristarchus of Samos

0371 BC
Plant biologist

Apollonius of TyanaApollonius of Tyana
0015 AD
Christos PapadimitriouChristos Papadimitriou
16 August 1949
Writer, Mathematician, Computer scientist,

Constantin CarathéodoryConstantin Carathéodory
13 September 1873
mathematician, university teacher
Themistocles M. RassiasThemistocles M. Rassias
02 April 1951

Joseph SifakisJoseph Sifakis
26 December 1946
Computer scientist

Chrisanthi AvgerouChrisanthi Avgerou
1954 AD
Computer scientist