Life is fleeting and everyone has to die one day or the other. What differentiates the great ones from the others is what they achieved during their time on this Earth. As the popular saying goes, “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.” Some people who have truly lived leave behind their indelible mark on the lives they have touched. No one knows how they are going to die! The assassinations and murders of popular personalities like J.K. Kennedy, Benazir Bhutto, John Lennon, and Tupac Shakur left the world reeling in shock while the slow and painful deaths of Steve Jobs and Anthony Perkins from diseases, though not shocking, were indeed tragic.
The most sensational celebrity deaths are the ones shrouded in mystery. The puzzling deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson have added to their fame in a sad way. The fans are left devastated when a beloved celebrity takes their own life. The suicides of the likes of L'Wren Scott and Robin Williams broke a million hearts. Death of a famous person is fascinating in a morbid way. Read on to learn more about deceased famous people by cause of death.