Find out more about the greatest Canadian Economists, including Stephen Harper, John McCallum, Mark Carney, John Kenneth Galbraith and Myron Scholes.
John Kenneth GalbraithJohn Kenneth Galbraith
15 October 1908
Myron ScholesMyron Scholes
01 July 1941

Robert MundellRobert Mundell
24 October 1932

Mark CarneyMark Carney
16 March 1965

William Lyon Mackenzie KingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King
17 December 1874
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Michel ChossudovskyMichel Chossudovsky
1946 AD
researcher, Author, Economist, conspiracy theorist
Simon NewcombSimon Newcomb
12 March 1835
Astronomer, Mathematician, Economist, Novelist,

Robert BourassaRobert Bourassa
14 July 1933
Politician, Lawyer, Non-fiction writer, Economist

Harold InnisHarold Innis
05 November 1894
Economist, Historian, Philosopher, University
Jacques ParizeauJacques Parizeau
09 August 1930
Politician, Economist

Don TapscottDon Tapscott
01 June 1947
Manager, Economist, Teacher, Author, Writer
John McCallumJohn McCallum
09 April 1950
Economist, Politician

Jacob VinerJacob Viner
03 May 1892

Bernard LandryBernard Landry
09 March 1937

Greg SelingerGreg Selinger
16 February 1951
Politician, Economist

Harry Gordon JohnsonHarry Gordon Johnson
26 May 1923
Mitchell William SharpMitchell William Sharp
11 May 1911

Robert Broughton BryceRobert Broughton Bryce
27 February 1910
Government official