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Chris Hadfield
(Canadian Astronaut Who Became the First Canadian in History to Walk in Space)
Chris Hadfield
Birthdate: August 29, 1959
Sun Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian former astronaut, engineer, and singer. Hadfield, who has served in the International Space Station as a commander, is credited with flying two Space Shuttle missions. He is also the first Canadian to successfully carry out an extravehicular activity in space. Before becoming an astronaut, he served as an Air Command fighter pilot for 25 years.

Julie Payette
(29th Governor General of Canada Who Served from 2017 to 2021)
Julie Payette
Birthdate: October 20, 1963
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Canadian engineer and astronaut Julie Payette has been the Governor General of Canada from 2017 to 2021. She was initially a research scientist and then joined the Canadian Space Agency, eventually completing two spaceflights. Payette resigned as governor general after a workplace review accused her of workplace harassment.
Marc Garneau
(Astronaut, Engineer, Politician)
Marc Garneau
Birthdate: February 23, 1949
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Quebec City

Distinguished Canadian politician, Marc Garneau, began his career as a naval officer and while in service became the first Canadian to travel to the outer space, eventually becoming the President of Canadian Space Agency. Elected to the Parliament as a member of the Liberal Party, he was named Minister of Transport in 2015 and Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2021.

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Roberta Bondar
(Astronaut & Neurologist)
Roberta Bondar
Birthdate: December 4, 1945
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Canadian neurologist, educator, scientist, astronaut and photographer Roberta Bondar CC OOnt FRCPC FRSC is noted as the first female astronaut and the first neurologist of Canada to travel into space. She flew as part of the Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-42 and performed over forty experiments in Spacelab. She later served as head of an international team of researchers at NASA.

Robert Thirsk
(Canadian Engineer, Physician and a Former Canadian Space Agency Astronaut)
Robert Thirsk
Birthdate: August 17, 1953
Sun Sign: Leo
Birthplace: New Westminster, Canada

Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk made history when he became the first person to receive a degree from space when he was awarded an honorary degree while on a space mission. He also boasts of an MIT Sloan MBA. A mechanical engineer, he had initially also studied medicine.