Believe it or not, we, human beings, have today become slaves of our own inventions. A day without the most basic of things could turn our world upside down. And for almost all the things, what we rely to most is electricity. Though Benjamin Franklin is credited for discovering electricity, it were the Brits who used this electricity to create a lot of things that have helped in the progress of mankind. One of the greatest British electrical inventions was the telephone. Ever since telephone came into being, it has changed the way people communicated panoramically. It is indeed the grandest, most magnificent and trailblazing discovery that mankind has witnessed. And we have none but a British, Alexander Graham Bell to thank it for. But this is not all. Way before Edison made his revolutionary discovery it was British Joseph Swan who patented the light bulb in 1880. Had it not been for Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield, radiology today wouldn’t have been as it is. Hounsfield was responsible for introducing the novel concept of medical imaging that was painless and more effective. He designed the CT scanner and the first whole body scanner. Who can forget John Logie Baird’s contribution in the field of electrical engineering? Touted as the Father of Television, he credited for inventing the first successful mechanical television. And he too was a British. Check this segment to know about the life and works of famous British electrical engineers.
Paul DiracPaul Dirac
08 August 1902
John Logie BairdJohn Logie Baird
13 August 1888

Mo IbrahimMo Ibrahim
03 May 1946

Godfrey HounsfieldGodfrey Hounsfield
28 August 1919
Developer of X-ray computed tomography

Elihu ThomsonElihu Thomson
29 March 1853
Engineer, Inventor

Alan BlumleinAlan Blumlein
29 June 1903
Engineer, Audio engineer