Famous Ancient Roman Scientists

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Claudius Ptolemy
(Astronomer, Cartographer & Mathematician)

Claudius Ptolemy
Birthdate: 0090 AD
Birthplace: Egypt
Died: 0168 AD
Claudius Ptolemy was a 2nd-century mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and geographer, who had written a number of scientific treatises, such as The Great Treatise, Geography, and the Tetrábiblos. He lived in Alexandria under the Roman rule in Egypt. He had also authored Harmonics, a book on music theory.


Birthdate: 0350 AD
Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt
Died: February 29, 0415
Hypatia was a Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer who lived during the 4th and 5th centuries. She also taught and served as a counselor. She is remembered for her commentary on Diophantus's Arithmetica. She was later murdered and became a symbol of feminism and of opposition to Catholic ideals.

Apollonius of Tyana

Apollonius of Tyana
Birthdate: 0015 AD
Birthplace: Tyana, Turkey
Died: 0100 AD

Apollonius of Tyana was a Greek Neopythagorean philosopher best remembered through Philostratus' work, Life of Apollonius of Tyana, which was written more than a century after his death. Apollonius is said to have had extra-sensory perception and is even compared with Pythagoras and Jesus Christ. Apollonius of Tyana has even influenced contemporary literature and films among other works of art.

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Kâtip Çelebi

Kâtip Çelebi
Birthdate: 1609 AD
Birthplace: Istanbul Eyaleti
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Nicephorus Gregoras
Birthdate: 1295 AD
Birthplace: Heraclea Pontica
Died: 1360 AD