12 Year Old Males

The list of famous 12 year old males includes Edward V of England, Iqbal Masih, Hendrix Hart, Hayden Haas, Elias Harger. Famous males featured on this list, include family members, child actors, Vloggers and actors and from other domains of life. This list of 12 Year Old includes people from United States and many more countries.

Hendrix HartHendrix Hart
08 November 2007, American
Kevin Hart's son
Hayden HaasHayden Haas
31 July 2007, American

Elias HargerElias Harger
22 October 2007, American
TV Actor

Jason MaybaumJason Maybaum
31 August 2007, American

Bryce Maximus JamesBryce Maximus James
14 June 2007, American
LeBron James' Son

Maximilian David MuñizMaximilian David Muñiz
22 February 2008, American
Son of Jennifer Lopez
Max Liron BratmanMax Liron Bratman
12 January 2008, American
Christina Aguilera's Son

August MaturoAugust Maturo
28 August 2007, American
TV Actor, YouTuber

John Edward Thomas MoynahanJohn Edward Thomas Moynahan
22 August 2007, American
Bridget Moynahan's Son
Rhett LeRoyRhett LeRoy
24 October 2007, American

Gage ButlerGage Butler
11 April 2008, American
Quin BaronQuin Baron
16 November 2007, American
Child Actor

Cooper ColonelCooper Colonel
16 November 2007, American