List of famous ballet dancers with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Who among us has not admired those beautiful and elegant ballerinas skillfully gliding across the dance floor swaying to melodious music? Ballet dancers are the individuals who practice the art of ballet, a type of performance dance that originated in Italy during the Renaissance period. Classical ballet, though one of the most prestigious forms of dance is also a very demanding one. A ballet dancer’s career is fleeting—it begins early and ends early. A typical ballet dancer has a very grueling schedule. They go through years of rigorous training, hours of rehearsals and classes, and harsh physical demands. It is such a demanding career that only the ones with an intense passion for the art form can persevere in this field. Anna Pavlova, undoubtedly one of the most celebrated ballet dancers ever, was renowned for her role of the Dying Swan which immortalized her. Vaslav Nijinsky who performed during the early 20th century was counted among the greatest male ballet dancers for his magnificent leaps and intense characterization. Russian actor Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov is also counted along Nijinsky as one of the greatest male ballet dancers. Even though ballet dancers have a brief career, they get to enjoy tremendous face and acclaim within this short period. Browse on to learn about the famous ballet dancers who have left their marks on the dance world.

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