People born on this day have strong will power and are very confident of themselves. Browse through this article for a list of famous people born on 17th August and also know more about their personality traits.

Famous People Born On August 17th

August 17 born individuals are under the influence of both the Sun and Saturn. While the former provides the individuals a strong will power and ever-lasting confidence, the latter influences them by making them absolutely reliable and calm. While the confidence makes these individual take up challenges and move ahead in life, the calmness in the temperament gives them a clear perspective of life. Adding to this is their charming personality and the far-sightedness. August 17th born are endowed with great organizational skills and a convincing eloquence. However, these individuals are prone to negativity and brooding. Their moodiness can be a cause of worry as it ignites the antagonistic side of their personality and makes them hostile and argumentative.

  • Davy Crockett
    Davy Crockett

    Died on: 06 March 1836

    Born in: Greene County


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1786

  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr
    Marcus Garvey

    Died on: 10 June 1940

    Nationality: Jamaican


    Year Of Birth: 1887

  • Robert De Niro
    Robert De Niro

    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American


    Year Of Birth: 1943

  • Ted Hughes
    Ted Hughes

    Famous as: Poet and Children's Writer

    Died on: 28 October 1998

    Born in: Mytholmroyd


    Nationality: British

    Year Of Birth: 1930

  • Abu Bakar Bashir
    Abu Bakar Bashir

    Born in: Jombang Regency

    Nationality: Indonesian


    Year Of Birth: 1938

  • Alan Minter
    Alan Minter

    Born in: Crawley

    Nationality: British


    Year Of Birth: 1951

  • Henry Drummond
    Henry Drummond

    Died on: 11 March 1897

    Born in: Stirling


    Nationality: Scottish

    Year Of Birth: 1851

  • Jean Poiré
    Jean Poiré

    Died on: 14 March 1992

    Nationality: French


    Year Of Birth: 1926

  • John C. Hawkes
    John C. Hawkes

    Died on: 15 May 1998

    Nationality: American


    Year Of Birth: 1925

  • Larry Ellison
    Larry Ellison

    Born in: Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York, U.S.

    Nationality: American


    Year Of Birth: 1944

  • Mae West
    Mae West

    Died on: 22 November 1980

    Born in: Bushwick, New York


    Nationality: American

    Year Of Birth: 1893

  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr
    Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr

    Died on: 10 June 1940

    Born in: Saint Ann Parish


    Nationality: Jamaican, British

    Year Of Birth: 1887

  • Pierre de Fermat
    Pierre de Fermat

    Died on: 12 January 1665

    Born in: Beaumont-de-Lomagne, France


    Nationality: French

    Year Of Birth: 1601

  • Sean Justin Penn
    Sean Justin Penn

    Born in: Los Angeles County, California, U.S

    Nationality: American


    Year Of Birth: 1960

  • Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul
    Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

    Nationality: Trinidadian


    Year Of Birth: 1932

  • Thierry Daniel Henry
    Thierry Daniel Henry

    Born in: Les Ulis, Essonne, France

    Nationality: French


    Year Of Birth: 1977

  • William Carey
    William Carey

    Died on: 09 June 1834

    Born in: Paulerspury


    Nationality: British

    Year Of Birth: 1761

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 17

August 17th individuals are immensely capable with a strong mind, a tolerant heart and a forgiving nature. They are outgoing and friendly. When along with these individuals, staying unhappy or gloomy is not an option at all as it is the nature of August 17th natives to enliven the mood of others and make them smile through their fun, exuberant side.  These people are trustworthy and charitable and compassionate towards others sorrow and misery. At work, august 17th borns are extremely focussed with their innovative thought and ideas. Mental discipline and versatility makes these individuals stay calm and composed even at the time of crises.  

Health and fitness issues would constantly be of worry for August 17th born individuals. Not that they would be unhealthy, these individuals require that extra care and attention to stay fit. These individuals neglect their health and take their well-being for granted. Due to this, they often get on the wrong side of good health and well being. Another factor that contributes towards the same is stress and anxiety. Relaxation and adequate sleep therefore is a must for these individuals to remain healthy and fit.

Financially, August 17th individuals are blessed and rarely face any crises situation. What is further more favourable is the fact that these people are in the habit of saving money for the future. As such, they rarely face any crux financially. Also, since these people are not in the habit of overspending, financial security is never a problem.

Versatile and good natured, selecting a career for August 17th individual is not a big deal as they are proficient and competent in all types of work. However, these individuals are skilled at research and have a knack for exploration. They, hence, do well when enrolled in vocations that utilize this talent of theirs. While individuals born on this date are hardworking, it is their humoristic nature and an ability to brighten the working environment that makes them resourceful.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
August 17th individuals have a conventional view of romance. Though these people are realistic in nature and have an idealistic standard of life, when searching for a soul mate they look for one who would be completely dedicated and loyal to them and give them the reassurance they need. Emotional stability and loving nature is what they seek for from a partner. In return, they are completely loyal and true to their soul mate. August 17th natives are unselfish in their conduct, protective of their partner and emotionally sensitive. Parenthood does not come naturally to august 17th borns but they make emotional adjustments when they have their own children.  

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