Aries men are the most confident, outgoing and determined individuals. Check out this article to get details about personality traits and characteristics of Aries man.

So, this is it. The most popular guy in your class (who coincidentally is an Arian) has asked you out for a date and you couldn’t afford a ‘no’ for an answer. But, now that the date is just a couple of hours later, you are in double minds as to whether or not to turn up. Relax, for getting a little prior information about the personality traits of Arians would help you move ahead with the date comfortably and happily. Born in the first zodiac sign, Arians are born leader. They thrive on challenges and confrontation and are confident, bold, spontaneous and independent. Arians are a perfect recipe of war and romance. According to mythology, Aries was a Greek God of War who was known for his passionate love affair with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. As such, people falling into this sun sign often display such characteristics. Arians are true lover. They love wining and dining their lovers. For them, life is all about challenges. They are the perfect definition of archetypical raw masculinity. The following lines delve deeply into the characteristic traits and nature of Arians. Give it a read!

A. Bartlett GiamattiA. Bartlett Giamatti
(Academician, Scholar, Commissioner of Major League Baseball)

04 April 1938

01 September 1989



A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman

26 March 1859

30 April 1936

Bromsgrove, Worcestershire


A. Phillip RandolphA. Philip Randolph
(Leader of the African-American civil-rights movement,)

15 April 1889

16 May 1979

Crescent City


Abraham MaslowAbraham Maslow

01 April 1908

08 June 1970



Adam KhooAdam Khoo

08 April 1974



Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
(Nazi Leader, German Dictator and Chancellor of Germany)

20 April 1889

30 April 1945

Braunau am Inn


Adrien BrodyAdrien Brody
(Actor, Producer)

14 April 1973

Woodhaven, Queens, New York, United States


Afrika BambaataaAfrika Bambaataa
(DJ, Producer, Activist)

19 April 1957

The Bronx, New York, U.S


Agnes MacphailAgnes Macphail

24 March 1890

13 February 1954

Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario


Akira KurosawaAkira Kurosawa

23 March 1910

06 September 1998



Alan ArkinAlan Arkin
(Actor and Director)

26 March 1934



Alan John Percival TaylorAlan John Percival Taylor

25 March 1906

07 September 1990



Alan SugarAlan Sugar

24 March 1947

London Borough of Hackney


Albert AnkerAlbert Anker

01 April 1831

16 July 1910



Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin
(Actor, Producer, Comedian)

03 April 1958

Amityville, New York, U.S.


Alec GuinnessAlec Guinness

02 April 1914

05 August 2000

Maida Vale


Alexander GrothendieckAlexander Grothendieck

28 March 1928

13 November 2014

Berlin, Prussia, Germany


Alexander HerzenAlexander Herzen
(Father of Russian socialism)

06 April 1812

21 January 1870



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Alfred BlalockAlfred Blalock

05 April 1899

15 September 1964



Alfred de VignyAlfred de Vigny
(Poet, Playwright, Novelist)

27 March 1797

17 September 1863



Ali Akbar KhanAli Akbar Khan

14 April 1922

18 June 2009

Comilla, in present-day Bangladesh (then East Bengal)


Allan DwanAllan Dwan

03 April 1885

28 December 1981



Allen DullesAllen Dulles
(Former Diplomat & Head of CIA)

07 April 1893

29 January 1969

Watertown, New York


Anatole FranceAnatole France

16 April 1844

12 October 1924

Paris, France


Andre BazinAndre Bazin
(Film Critic)

18 April 1918

11 November 1958

Angers, France


Andreas DejaAndreas Deja

01 April 1957



Andrew LangAndrew Lang
(Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic)

31 March 1844

20 July 1912



Andrew MarvellAndrew Marvell

31 March 1621

16 August 1678

Winestead, England


Andrew MellonAndrew William Mellon
(Industrialist, Philanthropist)

24 March 1855

27 August 1937

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Angus YoungAngus Young
(Co-founder & Lead Guitarist of the Hard Rock Band, AC/DC)

31 March 1955



Anthony FokkerAnthony Fokker
(Dutch aviation pioneer and an aircraft manufacturer)

06 April 1890

23 December 1939

Kediri, East Java


Anthony van DyckAnthony van Dyck

22 March 1599

09 December 1641



Antonio MeucciAntonio Meucci
(Inventor of voice-communication apparatus)

13 April 1808

18 October 1889



Archibald AlexanderArchibald Alexander

17 April 1772

22 October 1851


Aristide BriandAristide Briand
(Prime Minister)

28 March 1862

07 April 1932



Arnold Orville BeckmanArnold Orville Beckman

10 April 1900

18 May 2004



Arshile GorkyArshile Gorky
(Abstract Painter)

15 April 1904

21 July 1948

Khorgom, Vilayet of Van, Ottoman Empire


Augustus Pitt RiversAugustus Pitt Rivers
(Father of British Archaeology)

14 April 1827

04 May 1900

Bramham cum Oglethorpe


Austin MahoneAustin Mahone

04 April 1996

San Antonio, Texas



14 April 1126

10 December 1198



Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna

21 March 1960

01 May 1994

São Paulo


B. R. AmbedkarB. R. Ambedkar

14 April 1891

06 December 1956



Bela BartokBela Bartok
(Composer, Pianist)

25 March 1881

26 September 1945

Sânnicolau Mare


Benito JuarezBenito Juarez

21 March 1806

18 July 1872

San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca


Bill WalkerBill Walker
(11th Governor of Alaska)

16 April 1951

Fairbanks, Territory of Alaska, U.S.


Billy WestBilly West

16 April 1952

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.


Bindeshwar Pathak Bindeshwar Pathak
(Founder of Sulabh International)

02 April 1943

Rampur, Bihar, India


Bismillah KhanBismillah Khan

21 March 1913

21 August 2006

Dumraon, Bihar


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Aries Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
If in a group, you find a male constantly attracting attention of not only women but men as well, rest assured he definitely is an Aries male. For, an Aries man is quite lively, energetic and full of beans. He is one of those who is never wearied down and hates monotony and dullness in life. It is due to this quality that he always tries to cheer people around him. An Aries guy can never think of a life without adventure and challenges. The adrenaline rush is what makes life worth living for him. He loves to be on toes and is likely to exhaust his partner to match up to his energy levels. Another important characteristic feature of an Aries guy is that he is generous in matters of time and money. So, when in company of an Aries man, you can never seem to have any whines and whinges of not spending quality time with him or he being penny-pinching or tight-fisted. In fact, don’t be surprised if he splurges more than what is necessary!

The Dark Side
Just a foot kept on the wrong side and off goes the circuit of an Aries man! Smoke, fireworks and blaze are what you should expect! An Aries guy is extremely short-tempered and violent. So, take care not to rub him on the wrong end or be prepared to face the wrath. From the once caring, loving, kind and affectionate mate, he can turn to be the coldest person on Earth. What’s worse, you would have to start from the scratch to get back to the comfort zone that the two of you once shared. Consistency is another issue with guys falling into this sun sign. They can be warm one minute, cold the next and passionate the third and emotionless the fourth. You would have to tactfully deal with your Aries guy’s mood swings and his controlling and demanding nature. An Aries man can get extremely irritated and difficult if his needs are not met with or his ego is not petted. Even if he is wrong, never ever take the side of someone who is against him or he’ll drift away from you for good. In short, with an Aries man, you would have to love what he loves and hate what he hates. Anything above and beyond this can be troublesome for the relationship!

Romance Quotient
Romancing an Aries guy is ditto to experiencing a roller coaster ride. The whims and fancies of the feeling of being in love would be fed so much to the extent that you would have not a single second to sit and brood over it. It is said when cupid strikes an Aries guy, love knows no boundaries and limits. In fact, from violins to poetries, roses to surprises, candle-light dinners to long drives, love becomes all about living life king-size and much more. An Aries man is extremely passionate in love and you will never get a chance to complain about the lack of romance. Expression of emotions and love comes naturally to an Aries guy. So, if you are dating one, let go off those inhibitions and hang-ups and bring out in front the love that you feel for him. Commitment to an Aries man is sacred. So, if in love with a person who falls into this zodiac sign, be assured that he’ll be yours forever and ever. An Aries guy is extremely loyal and trustworthy. He is, without a doubt, a one woman man and will do everything to develop a successful relationship. Even in the trying times, he would not leave the relationship amidst the high tides but in fact, try to take it ashore by making it work again.

Another important characteristic feature of an Aries man is that he will never start another affair behind your back. He likes to take it one at a time. So, if nothing works out between the two of you, he is likely to let you know of the same and move on, maintaining the dignity and respect of the relationship. This does not mean he’ll do nothing to make it work. In fact, he would work on it as much as possible but if situations don’t improve or if you do not do anything to improve them, he would go ahead with his life. A failed relationship makes an Aries man brood over it but not for long, for he gets over it soon and falls in love again, with the same fierce devotion and loyalty. Interestingly, an Aries guy is never too old for romance. Even for your 75th anniversary, he would be as excited and much in love with you as he was while celebrating your 1st anniversary. Just keep the thrills of the chase on and let the hunter inside him keep wanting for more! Rest assured, he is going to feed your romantic fancies and whims even while the two of you celebrate your platinum jubilee of togetherness!

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